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Thread: A quesiton about the border wall: who's really gonna pay for it?

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    Re: A quesiton about the border wall: who's really gonna pay for it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jermanator View Post
    It looks like Mexico is finally starting to pull it together on that front. Real elections look like a very recent phenomenon...

    Hopefully they can pull a true democratic republic our of their butts as opposed to one in name only.
    Most Americans judge all Puerto Rican's by the uneducated ones that t left the island and came to the states in the 40-50s. These were not exactly the cream of the crop. More like the hillbilly equivalents of my country and not exactly viewed very favorably by the ones that stayed on the island.

    Mexico is exactly the same. I deal with a lot of Mexicans and they are professionals and highly educated people. The do not look kindly upon the ones that illegally sneak into the USA because they believe they give all Mexicans a bad name and again, they are not exactly the cream of the crop.

    BTW most of of them love the USA and think very highly of Trump and his tough immigration stance, and love that he's called out their government on all their failings and believe it is making a difference for the better.
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    Re: A quesiton about the border wall: who's really gonna pay for it?

    Many of the farm workers I dealt with while I was trucking produce in central California had enough Indian heritage they were able to cycle back and forth between the fields of the San Joaquin valley in the summer and "reservations" in the winter. Yes, they worked hard, but their level of education was minimal and their social skills were pretty much nonexistent. I always had an idea that Mexico was sending a lot of people north who were mostly descendants of the Aztecs, while the primarily Spanish-blood citizens stayed home. I wonder what their opinion of America would be if we sent millions of our inner city residents to Mexico to ride their welfare system and do menial jobs?
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    Re: A quesiton about the border wall: who's really gonna pay for it?

    Todays news. White house Chief of Staff General Kelly seems to have a logical concept of the border wall. As former Commander of US Forces Latin America (SOUCOM) he may have a clue! An excerpt from this interview: “Concrete wall would be good in only certain places,” he added, saying that manpower and drone technology should suffice in some parts. Yes! My hands on experience is dated but with our current amazing aerial surveillance technology and wheels/boots on the ground it would work. I was only an E-5 when I had my hands on experience and could easily figure this out. Maybe I should have been a general officer. LOL!

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