My dad started reloading about 40 years ago, and got me into it. His philosophy, for lack of a better way to say it, was to go with the lightest load that would get the job done. For example, if he found two loads that delivered comparable and acceptable accuracy, he would pick the lighter load. I think some of it was to reduce recoil, but it probably had more to do with the times in which he grew up.

Dad grew up on a depression era dirt farm. His family wasn't poor by the standards of that time and place, but they weren't rich. His dad would buy shotgun shells by the shell, not the box. His idea of dove hunting was to shoot them on the ground as the were feeding close to each other. Sportsmanship wasn't nearly as important as getting as much food for the ammo used. It was just the way things were done then.

I think my dad kept a lot of that with him, and may have thought that going with heavier loads was wasting powder. I don't really know. He mostly hunted Texas whitetails with a 30-06, so he really didn't need a hot load. He also used standard bullets such as Hornady interlocks or Speer hot-core. The idea of using a premium bullet was a totally foreign concept to him.

My own philosophy is different, as times are different, and I live a more affluent life style. I like to pick the best bullet for the intended game, and strive for the hottest load that will deliver the accuracy I want. I suspect most in here do the same.

I'm not really sure what led me to post this, but it just sort of came to me. Please add your two cents to this topic.