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Thread: Congressional FISA memo

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    Re: Congressional FISA memo

    Quote Originally Posted by bisley View Post
    Don't you want to know it if three AAGs, the FBI director, and the deputy FBI director were colluding with a presidential campaign to help destroy another political opponent? There is more evidence of this than there is of a Trump/Russia collusion.
    Absolutely not! All the dummycraps are going into "ostrich" mode!
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    Re: Congressional FISA memo

    If there aren't a lot of investigations with arrests and trials of the filthy seditious traitors then the rule of law in the government is dead. Alpha keeps trying to marginalize this into nothing when it is MUCH, MUCH worse than what Nixon did with his wiretapping. We need to dig up ol' Tricky Dicky and give him a big apology if this mess goes unpunished.

    Personally, it's gotten to the point that I wouldn't trust the DOJ, FBI, CIA, BATFE, or any other alphabet soup LE agency in Washington, D.C. to guard the contents under an outhouse. You just KNOW that they'd smuggle in spoons and straws to hide the evidence!
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