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Thread: Season finale of top Shot was pretty darn good

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    Season finale of top Shot was pretty darn good

    Anyone else watch it? Could have been won by either of the final two contestants. Seven stations with different arms and one was with a cross-bow. And Chris won, an IT geek, not a professional competition shooter (yet?) or EX-something..Navy Seal/Sniper/SWAT........whatever.

    I'd like to see a forum member get on that show!

    I will watch that show again next season and I'm watching American Guns now. Few and far between good gun shows on TV. Sure there is a lot of criticism about both of the shows, but I like them.
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    Re: Season finale of top Shot was pretty darn good

    It was pretty good, and it went right down to the wire too! The host is kind of cheesy, but I almost wonder if that isn't part of the schtick? Anyhow, I've watched it since the beginning and I'll watch it when it returns.

    I thought the IT dude winning it on the very last shot against the dude who should have taken it then and there (I didn't know there was such a thing as a world-champion grenadier?!) on the weapon that should have given a serious advantage to the 'loser' of the showdown....well, lets just say it made for a heck of a show!

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    Re: Season finale of top Shot was pretty darn good

    We watch the show also, my wife makes sure we don't miss Top Shot or Top Guns. Like both shows.

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