Wirehaired pointer of mine

ojrojr Senior MemberPosts: 841 Senior Member
Some of you may remember I have a Black Labrador and a Wirehaired Pointer.
The Lab does what Labs do, works like a trojan when hunting, lays about when not.
The Pointer on the other hand needs to be kept busy.
Yesterday [Sunday here], I was sitting on the back porch throwing a stick for him, on his way out he saw a bird in the glasshouse, I yelled, but not quick enough, next thing is breaking glass, he went straight through the lower pane, the top pane came down as well,glass smashed everywhere, blood everywhere and a starling in his mouth.
$338.00 and some change later, he's stitched up, bandaged up, asleep, and I've got a glasshouse to fix.
3yrs old now,great dog, keen, eager to please and nowhere near the handfull he was when younger, just every now and then he pulls something out of the hat.
Here's a photo of them both.
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  • EliEli Senior Member Posts: 3,074 Senior Member
    Hope he recovers well.
  • ojrojr Senior Member Posts: 841 Senior Member
    He'll be fine, they are as tough as old boots. he's getting around today with a bandaged leg as if nothing has happened.
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,050 Senior Member
    Helluva dog!....sometimes impulsive to their own detriment, but I still love 'em...
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  • Vic's ViewpointVic's Viewpoint Senior Member Posts: 1,126 Senior Member
    ojr wrote: »
    Thanks. He'll be fine, they are as tough as old boots. he's getting around today with a bandaged leg as if nothing has happened.

    My second favorite breed of pointer! Had one about fifteen years ago; had her for thirteen years. Dumb as a box of rocks, but had hunting instincts like you wouldn't believe. She too would go straight through a plate glass window (or a screen door) after a bird or a squirrel, and nothing short of a shock collar would even slow her down. My wife is in CA now, recuperating from surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff that our pointer gave her when he took off after a squirrel while on a leash and yanked my wife clear off her feet! That dog was something else.

    If I might presume to suggest, my all time favorite pointer is a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and I urge you to carefully research that breed when the time comes to replace your GWP. They're a bit smaller, a bit smarter and much more biddable and more easily trained. Have had two of 'em over the years, the last one in company with our much-beloved black Lab, and two classier dogs I've not known in my lifetime. Just my .02 of course.

    PS: Happy New Year!
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  • ojrojr Senior Member Posts: 841 Senior Member
    Thanks guys
    Vic, I have heard of them and read of them, not many if any over here in NZ that I have heard of anyway.
    A little less headstrong would be good, he[ Jake the Wirehair] is out of an imported Drahthaar and a local [as in New Zealand bred] Wirehair.
    His prey drive is very strong.
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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