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Seems like I have a new Doctor...........

orchidmanorchidman Senior MemberA true 'Southerner'. NZPosts: 8,401 Senior Member
Got a letter the other day to say that my Dr ( female) is retiring. She has sold her practice to an up and coming new GP. The new GP has spent 6 yrs in our biggest hospital working 12hr shifts in the A&E dept/ and as a Ward Doctor and will have a good grounding in most things she will encounter.

The new GP also happens to be ....................wait for it..........................one of the Desperate Housewives crew that up until Anna ( My cuzzie) left for the USA last August, would come around for dinner most monday nights.

I am of two minds. One part of me knows that she is professional in her work and is a damn good Doctor...............the other part of me wonders whether we would be both comfortable in the change of relationship.

So, here is an interesting question for you guys.

Would you be comfortable with a female Doctor half your age that you have known for the past ten years socially?

( I have made my mind up if you are interested.........She will be my new Doctor. Had a brief conversation with her yesterday. She is comfortable with it and said that if there are somethings that either of us are uncomfortable about she will refer me to one of the male doctors in the practice....cant see the point in that though as she will still get to see my file)
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  • BakermanBakerman Member FloridaPosts: 382 Member
    ............does she have small fingers? There is one thing the doctor does that small fingers would be a plus.
    Bakerman formerly known as Bakerman
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Dellrose TNPosts: 18,428 Senior Member
    "Cough- - - - -Cough again"

  • NNNN Senior Member NCPosts: 25,221 Senior Member
    Yes; but, I'd rather she was 1/3 my age.
  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Senior Member Posts: 2,725 Senior Member
    Bakerman, you beat me to the punch! The last 3 annual physicals I had in the Navy, I scheduled around the duty days of a female doctor who had small fingers!

    Alec, go for it! Don't be concerned in the least....this will be a professional relationship!
  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Central MNPosts: 14,659 Senior Member
    If she is OK with it, I would not worry about it. If the roles were reversed and you were female and she was male, I would not do that. Application of the "Rules" are a bit different for the gals.
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  • timctimc Senior Member TexasPosts: 6,684 Senior Member
    I wouldn't mind. I have always been of the thought if I had to have someone play with the chestnuts and stick their finger in the nether reagions of my person I would much rather it be a woman than a man! I had a female dotor for many years until she quit practice, now I am back to a man again. I much prefer the woman and that I would know her as a friend would make things much better for me.
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  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member A true 'Southerner'. NZPosts: 8,401 Senior Member
    Must admit that over the time I have known her, I never looked at her fingers........other parts of her anatomy, yes. But not the fingers..........:tooth:
    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • JLDickmonJLDickmon Senior Member Posts: 1,726 Senior Member
    my Doctor and I have a rule that's worked for years...
    "what happens in the exam room STAYS IN THE EXAM ROOM"

    we used to trade hunts..
    I'd take him deer hunting, he'd take me duck hunting.
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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member VirginiaPosts: 8,337 Senior Member
    Small fingers are fine for that, unless she has long French fingernails! :yikes:
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  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Miami, FL almost in the USA ;)Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
    A close friend of ours is the head of family medicine at the University of Miami, and has kids the same age as our girl. I needed to see someone for my 50 year old check up, including a colonoscopy. I just could not have her do the exams and see her at church every week. Her partner did it.

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  • bisleybisley Senior Member East TexasPosts: 10,815 Senior Member
    I don't think it would bother me.
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