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  • scarfacescarface Posts: 263 Member
    Great post BP! I have not had much time to read the forum this past week and it is dissappointing to return to this stuff.

    I plan on reading this forum for many years to come! There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum along with a sense of warmth, and friendliness (sometimes sarcasm, humor, and other traits not for the faint of heart!). It is a shame to see the change of events and now it is up to us to keep the "Culture" of this forum going strong.

    As a Pilot, we always plan for the absolute worst outcome yet hope for the best. We always have an alternate course of action when the weather goes below minimums, when there are maintenance issues, emergencies, or passenger medical issues. The point that I am trying to make is this; we need to hope for the best, but plan for the worst in this case. Would the membership of this forum consider finding another online "Hangout" if this forum becomes unfriendly? If so maybe we need a plan as a backup in the event that we need to find another forum. I have always enjoyed reading this forum and I will continue to do so in the future.

    It is the members that make this forum great.
  • shawn1172shawn1172 Posts: 588 Senior Member
    Wow. This whole thing has just gottin insanely out of hand. I'm staying and I really hope everyone else does too. I think SOG is a ridiculouse show but it shouldn't be having this kind of effect on our forum. Isn't this site here for gun guys to help each other out? I'm pretty sure we can still do that regardless of what is or isn't on tv. Or on a blog for that matter. How about we all just stay right and keep being helpful and social like we always were?

    As for Ben's banning comment- he over reacted and has admitted such. It was a misunderstanding. Lets just move on!
  • JeeperJeeper Posts: 2,954 Senior Member
    NCFUBAR wrote: »
    I've seen Teach reading some threads so please don't jump to conclusions on that. I know he is hurt with good reason and hope he'll over look somethings cause there are to many here (99.9% of us) who care about him, need his guidance and would miss the knowledge he gives ...

    +1 (this is the first I've heard about anybody leaving... I must have missed all the hoopla). I will be sad if Teach doesn't choose to come back. I value his opinion, and have always enjoyed reading his posts whether or not I agreed entirely with him or not.

    I hope that he will miss us as much as we'll miss him, and decide to rejoin us somewhere down the line... hopefully sooner rather than later.


    ps. I certainly have no intentions of moving to another forum unless I get banned for some inexplicable reason.
    Wielding the Hammer of Thor first requires you to lift and carry the Hammer of Thor. - Bigslug
  • BPsniperBPsniper Posts: 1,961 Senior Member
    Well, I'm glad you guys are sticking around. Like has been said, I hope everyone does and yes, there was a lot of misunderstanding and over-reaction on both sides.

    This is the only forum I partake in or even look at. I have no reason to go anywhere else and don't want to. If this place poofs and goes away.....so will I. I don't plan to join anywhere else. I've made lot's of friends here with some awesome people. Don't feel like starting over somewhere else. I'm too opinionated and blunt for most any other place. God only knows how you guys put up with me and I don't think other sites would. :tooth:
  • centermass556centermass556 Posts: 3,618 Senior Member
    Between FB and bits/pieces here I think I have a good portion of the story...I hate when work interferes with the rest of my life...sheesshh.

    THE IMPORTANT THING....We have missed some things that have popped up right at the 50M line and completely missed them, 1) Has anyone really taken a look at SS3 and his posts during this. This is a kid we new at 13 that is now a man carving his own way in the world. and a damn fine path too. I'm not saying we had a part in it, but I am saying we got to watch it happen. I am proud of him and happy for his parents...We can't let that go.. 2) We have members popping up out of the blue in towns across America and looking other members up for a quick beer. Hell, Dusty (where ever he is at) took me to the range in norfolk and let me shoot his new pistol when I was there TDY. We had a member travel across the pacific just to attend Teach's South East Shootout...We can't let that type of brotherhood go. 3) Births, deaths, wedding, divorces, promotions, hiring, firings, and everything thing else in life has been shared on this forum with each other. There are folks I work with I don't share this much info with...We can't let this community crumble..

    Now I ain't one to give up ground unless I know the cost of the position is going to more than the position is worth....But, If we stay, we need to stay as a family. If we go, we need to go as a family. It will all turn out alright as long as we stick together, IF we hold the line, or move to the next objective it has to be as one unit or the past 10 plus years has been nothing but BS.
    "To have really lived, you must have almost died. To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."
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