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Threat of Mexican cartels more of a threat to US soil than any other?

ApexxApexx MemberPosts: 111 Member
I was curious if anyone else sees the potential for the drug cartels to be a much larger threat than what the general public and media realize. Obviously much of our attention and concern has been with threats from the Middle East. However, you see little talk and concern with Mexican cartels. Sure we talk about border protection, immigration, etc. However, the cartels are killing people in droves and are growing stronger every day. They are already stronger in parts of Mexico than the government is. They are way stronger in their County than many Middle East terrorist groups that we concern ourselves with. However, we don't really spend a whole lot of time as a Country discussing the situation and what to do.

I submit that the cartels are already so strong that to confront them at this point would be pretty bloody on their soil and ours. The only thing keeping cartels from taking out US citizens, politicians, etc on US soil is their internal feuding and their desire to keep us from sending military in on a large scale. I submit that they are already positioned, entrenched, and capable of wreaking more havoc on US soil than any terrorist to date. Think about how easy it would be for them to carry out assassinations and mass murder on our soil. They do it every day on theirs. They have army's of cold blooded killers already in place on our soil. They can send more across at a drop of the hat. The only thing holding them back at this point is the desire to do so.

Does anyone else share the concern that we are not giving a terrorist threat in our own back yard the attention it needs? I think the cartels have reached a point with finances and strength that exceed what the talaban ever was.


  • LerchessLerchess Senior Member Posts: 550 Senior Member
    I believe they are a huge threat, but you won't hear that from the drive-by media after the Fast and Furious operation was uncovered. Prior to this administration's involvement in giving guns to the cartels, the drive-bys were reporting fairly regularly on the violence and saying how awful it was that our Constitutional rights were to blame for it all.
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