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If you were looking for accuracy in a centerfire revolver what would you recommend...



  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 9,512 Senior Member
    If you're OK with single action, you will not beat a Freedom Arms for tight tolerances. I'd get a .454 and download to .45 Colt specs with the bulkiest powder I could find.

    Double action? Any big bore, target-sighted N-frame Smith will do nicely.

    I tend to lean to the large-volume, low pressure approach as it's generally less fussy when it comes to minor variations in brass thickness, powder charge, etc...

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  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Any of the big three: S&W, Colt or Ruger. All have their pros and cons to some extent. Most Colts are crazy $$$$ these days and even used S&Ws are bringing premium prices and then some.

    I would say a 5" or 6" barrel for target shooting. Not that they are inherently more accurate than a 4" or 3" , it's just we seem to shoot them better with a longer sight plane/radius to focus on.

    Handling wise a 5" bbl is hard to beat. I have a pre-model 10 in 38 Spl and a model 625 in .45 ACP with 5" tubes.

    My 686 with a 6" tube beat a 4" model 27 hands down in the accuracy and handling departments. The 27, while very sturdy and "Beefy" was no match for the L frame 686 which is a match made in Heaven for the .357 caliber. The model 27 on its N frame and with a 4" tube felt "Chunky" and the hole in the muzzle was way too small making it feel even heavier for caliber in my hands.

    Oh, I put some righteous max hand-loads through it and it would take it and ask fer more. Some with 2400/Blue Dot powder would shoot an impressive fireball out the barrel and rattle the range rafters from the muzzle blast

    One of my Nephews got the 27. I still have a pre-model 27 with 8 3/8 bbl I inherited from my FIL. For some reason, even with the long barrel, it doesn't feel as cumbersome as the 4" 27. The first time I handled it, I could have swore it was a model 19, the way it felt and handled. I got a letter from the S&W Historian, it is definitely a pre-model 27.

    I am partial to Smith & Wesson :tooth::guns:
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  • sarg1csarg1c Senior Member Posts: 1,707 Senior Member
    My suggestion would be find something that you can handle and fits you. There are many guns out there that are nice, popular and not real expensive, but if you cannot shoot it well,,try some else...I've had nice guns but didn't fit me. Some auto's are that way..I have never owned any gun with the nice trigger pull as my S/W 63.
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