Do you still have your first firearm?



  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,062 Senior Member
    Yep, I still have the bolt action Stevens single shot .22 rifle that was also my father's first rifle. It killed many squirrels and cottontails during the Great Depression, mostly with .22 shorts. As for the first one I actually bought, myself, no. It was a H&R Topper Jr. .410, that started me 'trading up.'
  • timctimc Senior Member Posts: 6,340 Senior Member
    Yes still have it, a Winchester mod 69 bolt rifle in .22 S-L-LR.
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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 6,721 Senior Member
    Calebib & BP,
    Yes it has a good kick, and it still just has that plastic butt-plate.
    calebib wrote: »
    I bet it did, those 37s kick pretty good, even in 20 ga.
    My brother's first shotgun was an Ithica Featherweight 20ga and yes, it kicked. Unfortunately, it was stolen as well.

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  • 104RFAST104RFAST Senior Member Posts: 1,220 Senior Member
    YEP, 1967 Miami was burning, S&W 38 revolver, I think it was called M&P back then. LGS in Hialeah, their was a line of people
    in front of the store, they would only let a few people in at one time, pick out a gun, pay for it and leave, no paperwork. I
    think they sold out of hand guns & shot guns that night! Paid around $70 for it and a box of bullets.
  • JeeperJeeper Senior Member Posts: 2,911 Senior Member
    BPsniper wrote: »
    No. Mine were stolen when I was a kid. A Ruger .44 Carbine and a Winchester 20ga pump shotgun.

    I'm very sorry to hear about that BP. :-(

    The first gun that *I* owned (ie. Dad let me have a .22 on sort of permanent loan, but it wasn't *mine*) was a Ruger .44 carbine. Bought new in the early part of '82. I still own it and will NEVER part with it.

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  • sherwoodsherwood Senior Member Posts: 1,213 Senior Member
    Yep! Sure do. It's an old Marlin 22 I bought about 1973.
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  • KSU FirefighterKSU Firefighter Senior Member Posts: 3,236 Senior Member
    Yep, Just got it running again recently, Glenfield 60. Took it to the range, it was like spending time with an old friend.
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  • airheadairhead Member Posts: 424 Member
    Bolt action .410 that came from Dad's closet. I think he's still got it.
    Then borrowed a 20 ga for a summer.
    When I was 14 worked enough to buy a Rem 1100. Shot a lot of dove & quail with that gun - it is in Dad's closet too.
    I got a newer 1100 several years back to gain the Rem-choke.
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  • bowserbbowserb Member Posts: 277 Member
    If so, what is it & when did you get it? My first is a Stevens Model 15A, .22 cal.
    bolt action, single shot, that I got for my 14th birthday, in 1957. My Dad bought it at The Western Auto store, for $ 11.50,
    .22 shorts were 25 cents a box.
    Talk about a blast from the past...on several levels. I remember when Western Auto sold just about everything I was interested in. And every kid on our block--it seems like--had a bolt action single shot .22, except for me. My first was a handgun: H&R .25 cal in 1972, for home protection for my wife when I was away or working late. Gave it to my mother a few years later, and then I had no guns until 2004, when the invasion of the Katrina "evacuees" raised the crime rate here, and home protection seemed a good idea again. FNH FNP-9. Then a CHL and a Springfield XD9-SC for carry. Then a Glock 19 primarily for my wife to carry, although she never did, but I carried the Glock for about four years. The FNH and the XD9 are both gone and replaced with an XDm-45, which for some reason I can shoot better than all three of the others, from the first box of 100 WWB, so the XDm is my carry weapon now and the Glock is in the safe.

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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Yes, for my 8th or 9th birthday I was given a Mossberg model 152 .22lr carbine with 5-rnd magazine. I still shoot it occasionally. When neighbor kids were getting the Red Ryder bb-gun I had a real gun.

    Of course I had the RR Daisy bb gun, too. How else can you play war in the old vacant lots and inside that vacant warehouse down the street?

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  • bfunkbfunk Member Posts: 113 Member
    I still have my first gun, in fact, I still have every gun I've ever purchased.

    My first gun is a Marlin model 60. I bought it back in 1997 or 1998 at Kmart for like $120. Still a great shooter, but it needs a new scope ASAP so I can really start shooting it again.
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  • HondoHondo Member Posts: 320 Member
    Yeap.....a Steven's single shot 12ga. It kicked like the devil. I got cute and sawed it off in the late 80s. Wish I wouldn't have done that. Still have it though.
  • hipshot45hipshot45 Member Posts: 39 Member
    Sure do! Its a Winchester 1200 12ga pump action shotgun with variable choke. My dad gave it to me for Christmas in 1978 (I was 15).
  • breamfisherbreamfisher Senior Member Posts: 12,640 Senior Member
    I do. Remington 11-87 12 gauge. Got it for getting good grades back in middle school.

    It's my home defense boom stick, now.
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  • hipshot45hipshot45 Member Posts: 39 Member
    Incidentally, I have my grandfather's first firearm. Its a Stevens favorite single shot .22 made around 1905.
  • NomadacNomadac Senior Member Posts: 881 Senior Member
    Yes, it was a Springfield .22 bolt action rifle made by Stevens Arms, given to me as a Christmas present by my Uncle. My first revolver was a Ruger Blackhawk .357 mag, 3 screw model that was stolen in the 90's, and never recovered.
  • ilove22silove22s Senior Member Posts: 1,052 Senior Member
    yes i still have it and will until i die.

    Marlin 781 bolt action repeater. paid 64.00 in 1979. used $$ from my saturday job at my cousins store (min wage) and mowing lawns.
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  • 30-30shooter30-30shooter Member Posts: 224 Member
    yep, a Remington 870 12 gauge i got when i was 12
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  • justin10mmjustin10mm Senior Member Posts: 688 Senior Member
    Yep, an old Marlin 25 bolt action .22 that my dad gave me. The magazine catch was lost long before I came around, so for me it has always been a single shot affair.

    I also have my first "new" gun, a Ruger 10/22 we bought from Oshman's Sporting Goods.
  • wolf049wolf049 Member Posts: 217 Member
    Not only no,,,,, but H*$& NO. They where all stolen by family or freinds.
    Stevens 20 gauge shotgun - 1st shotgun
    Remington 722 .243 Win - 1st rifle
    Ruger MKI 22 LR - 1st pistol
    Remington M700 .270 Win. with a Weaver 3X9 scope - 1st rifle I paid for. (New)
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,129 Senior Member
    It is a Remington 11-48 12 ga I got at age 12; I have it and it has a broke firing pin or firing pin spring and some metal missing from the pollychoke. If it was just the pin or spring, I'd fix it; but, the pollychoke is probably a major barrel overhaul.
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 13,961 Senior Member
    No, but I know where it is..
    I do have my Fathers 12 gauge O/U bought in 1935
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  • MarvinMarvin Member Posts: 121 Member
    I do. It's a Marlin 60 that I bought right after I turned 18. A great plinker to get started on.
  • BufordBuford Senior Member Posts: 6,575 Senior Member
    Sadly no. It disappeared while I was in the military. A Browning BLR 22 that I loved.
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  • Martin-AMartin-A Member Posts: 111 Member
    Yes, I do. It is a Remington Model 510 TargetMaster single-shot, bolt-action rifle. I believe I got it in the 1950's, I think (it was a long time ago & my memory is a tad dim). Brand new it was around $8-$10. I think I was paying about 1/2 cent a bullet back then.

    I trained my son on it, all my nephews & nieces & now their kids.
  • BlkHawk73BlkHawk73 Member Posts: 149 Member
    Yup. It was a Savage 340 in .30-30 I bought from my brother's friend. Had it re-blued and refinished the stock myself. Not a classy, fancy sleek rifle but it's a darn GOOD shooter. Misplaced it for a while but luckily it was merely tucked into a corner at my father's house. It's now back here where it belongs.
  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 9,553 Senior Member
    Nope, but I have one just like it. Savage 342.
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  • farm boyfarm boy Senior Member Posts: 987 Senior Member
    Yes a ruger 10/22 I got for my 12th birthday.
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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 21,090 Senior Member
    Actually, I do have my first firearm, that I bought anyway. It's my Veneralble much loved, much hated, .270 Win. Model 70, 1966 Model Push feed piece of crap. Well, that's what I was told by a couple of so called GuRus. But one thing about the rattly piece of crap. It is tight where it counts and it shoots damn good. And I found out that it is actually stronger than the Pre-64 due to the fact that it has a flat breach. Myself, I think that is purly academic and doesn't really mean much in the real world. Don't even start to get me wrong, because I would still give my left testicle for it to be a pre-64. But it's not. A dumb kid bought it in the summer of 1966 and thought it was the most beautiful rifle he had ever seen, what with it's shiny stock and pressed basket weave checkering. Later on my educational process moved on and I realized that shiny stocks were out. So I took off the varnish and applied a million or so coats of True Oil and it was shinier than before. So I took it down to the wood and some benevolent soul felt sorry for me and gave me a bottle of something called Winchester Antique Finish. This was the ticket. That ratty old .270 still wears that finish, albeit it's full of dings and scars. It has earned every scratch and ding honestly. It has a lot of character now. And it still shoots good. It is still, after 45 years, my go to hunting rifle.
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  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Posts: 6,661 Senior Member
    Yes, my winchester 190 .22, and the trigger sucks... got it in 1974. I was 14 yrs old.

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