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What's keeping YOU from the range

agewonagewon Senior MemberPosts: 655 Senior Member
Every weekend I tell myself that I NEED to make time for a trip to the club. And every weekend, things happen and keep me from going.
I wanted to see what other projects, or "reasons" everyone else had going.

I can't go this weekend because I have to clean up thisImageUploadedByTapatalk1372529774.731355.jpg

To finish this

All while setting up these things.


  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 8,580 Senior Member
    Right now, just the heat!! Went a couple days ago and sweated my butt off!
  • wddodgewddodge Senior Member Posts: 1,150 Senior Member
    I use the heat excuse. After working the day in heat and humidity all I really want to do when I get home is get a shower and a nice nap.

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  • ZeeZee Senior Member Posts: 27,751 Senior Member
    Nothing keeps me from the range.
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member Posts: 8,377 Senior Member
    Howling winds, driving rain, temps in the single digits..................besides being winter here, we have charters booked damn near every weekend till Christmas. Last weekend we cancelled them due to the weather which was crap which didn't make it an ideal 'range day'..
    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    Two things, 100 degree weather and LAZINESS!!!:jester:
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    Working on someones rifle is the excuse for today. Friend bought a CETME and it wasn't firing all the time due to light firing pin strikes sometimes. Field stripped it on the work table, and after a thorough cleaning of EVERYTHING my hands looked like I'd been rubbing my hands with oily charcoal dust. The gas tube had about 1/2 of a charcoal briquet worth of carbon fouling in it. Cleaned myself up and reassembled the rifle. Still wouldn't fire with any regularity. So unloaded the rifle, went back to the table and dropped the floorplate off the magazine to see what I could see from there. Bingo! Magazine was dragging on the bolt just enough to keep the bolt from going fully forward. :silly: The darned thing will release the hammer slightly out of battery, but the hammer can't really hit the firing pin due to bolt interference, and was giving light primer strikes. Magazine was also a piece of excrement. Ordered a few new magazines for him. Also, instructed him to NOT ride the charging handle forward; pull the danged thing back and let 'er go to load a round from the magazine. About three hours gone there.

    And I mowed the yard, and fended off 3 different people wanting me to let them haul off scrap metal. I told one of the more persistent ones that just because it was rusty doesn't mean it's scrap. And told them all that what scrap metal I do have I'll haul off myself because it is worth real money. Doofuses wanted me to give it to them for free. Like that's going to happen.
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 18,190 Senior Member
    The heat, haying season and musk thistle eradication....
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
  • JermanatorJermanator Senior Member Posts: 16,244 Senior Member
    Making Jerm & Barry's this weekend. I will be at the range next weekend if the Mrs. doesn't have me committed...
    Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.
    -Thomas Paine
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Motorcycle shopping- - - - -a man at one of my warranty inspection shops offered me a low-mileage classic early Gold Wing at less than half its book value. If it's like he describes it, I just might be a 2-bike owner for a while!
  • jbohiojbohio Senior Member Posts: 5,617 Senior Member
    Work. At work, and at home.

    It'll all be worth it when we find our next place, 'cause it'll have a rifle range out back.
  • sherwoodsherwood Senior Member Posts: 1,222 Senior Member
    Even though my range is under cover I still find it very uncomfortable to shoot. The sweat filling up my muffs doesn't help.
    I may be old but I ain't dead!
  • RazorbackerRazorbacker Senior Member Posts: 4,646 Senior Member
    jbohio wrote: »
    Work. At work, and at home.

    It'll all be worth it when we find our next place, 'cause it'll have a rifle range out back.

    I've still got to get my berm thrown up and pour a slab for my bench.
    Teach your children to love guns, they'll never be able to afford drugs
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,176 Senior Member
    Just rain and even then I might get out if the radar shows a gap for an hour or so.
  • horselipshorselips Senior Member Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    It's 112 today so the outdoor range and favorite plinking ground is not happening. However, despite the weather, I am found somewhat regularly at the delightfully air conditioned, luxuriously furnished, indoor pistol range.
  • TSchubTSchub Senior Member Posts: 783 Senior Member
    Life. With job hunting and still seeing a bit of ammo shortage around here, it doesn't leave a lot of time or resourses to hit the range. The old standby of .22 is even in the mix, so it's been a light shooting year lately.
  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Had some hospital time this past summer and fall, then a steady recuperation. Now I'm okay for regular range visits and went not long ago, with more visits upcoming.

    I've got my CHL renewal class July 13 so I need to do some pistol shootin' before that, getting back in shape despite the naggy arthritis (see my thread in the General section).

    Thankfully I've got a goodly amount of .45 target ammo laid away so I don't have the ammo shortage to worry about. I'm headed to the range at least once next week for sure.
  • RimfireRimfire Senior Member Posts: 849 Senior Member
    Well, I've misplaced my dongle and can't open the electronic gate.

    Besides that its utter laziness on my part.

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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Rimfire wrote: »
    Well, I've misplaced my dongle ...

    Isn't this a family forum?

    Oh, wait, you said dongle! Never mind...
  • BuffcoBuffco Senior Member Posts: 6,244 Senior Member
    Rimfire wrote: »
    Well, I've misplaced my dongle and can't open the electronic gate.

    Besides that its utter laziness on my part.

    Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2

    Is "dongle" slang for keys?
  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Posts: 6,020 Senior Member
    Availability, but I just discovered a NICE private range I'm going to atttempt to get membership to.
    - I am a rifleman with a poorly chosen screen name. -
    "Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and speed is the economy of motion" - Scott Jedlinski
  • tv_racin_fantv_racin_fan Senior Member Posts: 661 Senior Member
    The inabbility to convinced the wife to go along with the inability to find ammo to replace what I would shoot as prevented me from going to the range lately. So I set up a couple of targets and broke out a pellet rifle.. need to break out the handgun as well. Guess I might need to find some more pellets as well.
  • RimfireRimfire Senior Member Posts: 849 Senior Member
    Buffco wrote: »
    Is "dongle" slang for keys?

    Don't know. That's what they called the electronic gadget that we have hold in front of the gate's sensor in order to open it up. I just gotta go to the next membership meeting to get a new dongle and membership card.


    Dang it Buffy. I just got the reference. The answer is yes. :sigh: dang it.
    G&A Forum Member since: October 2000; Life Member: GOA, IWLA, NRA, & Escapees.
  • agewonagewon Senior Member Posts: 655 Senior Member
    So you have to dangle your dongle? I think I saw a movie once with that title.
    My club has the same device, called a key fob. Need it to open the gate and the club uses it to keep track of who is at the club and when (indoor range is open 24 hrs) and allows access to the automated skeet machines.
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,813 Senior Member
    Misplaced priorities! :jester:

    Right now, priority one is getting 'forted up' against my new neighbors - about 20 of them (at least). I'm building 700' of 5' tall fence - 48" goat wire, under two double-strands of horse wire (no barbs). They seem to be nice enough folks, with polite, well-mannered children, but there's too many of them and they have a covey of mixed blood bulldogs, half of which are pregnant. As luck would have it, the ground on that side of the property is dry clay and iron ore rock, and every 3' deep post hole has to be hand-dug (16 lb.rock-bar and steel post-hole diggers) because there are five PVC water lines, zig-zagging along the property line. I figure this is definitely a case of "good fences make good neighbors," so I'm trying to get done before all the dogs start to domino.

    Once I finish this first leg of the fencing project, I'm going, no matter what, to test some 7mm-08 loads, practice with the .223, and try to recover some handgun skills I've been neglecting for months. I'll be at the range when the sun comes up, and get my business done before the temp hits 100. Three or four trips ought to get me caught up. Then I'll hit the reloading bench for some quality AC time. Mrs. Bisley can squall all she wants about the neglected "honey-do's," because this old man is paying his dues out there in the heat, right now.
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,813 Senior Member
    They don't even have satellite TV or air conditioning, and the ancient grandmother apparently cooks for the whole bunch in a home-made outdoor kitchen. They ain't building no fences. The kids don't have anything to play with but the dogs, and I like most of them, so I'm trying to be smart about this and take a moderate approach, at least until they force me to get more radical. I got caught flat-footed on this deal, so diplomacy is definitely called for until my defense perimeter is in place. The men are showing some signs of respecting my property rights, but they work all the time and the women can't keep up with all the kids.
  • Make_My_DayMake_My_Day Senior Member Posts: 7,917 Senior Member
    For me the latest excuse is the cost of ammo. I don't want to shoot up the supply I have accumulated at pre-panic prices. Other than that, the nearest decent pistol range is 20 miles away, and 30 to a rifle range.
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,813 Senior Member
    cpj wrote: »
    In that case, I suggest the book "Spanish For Dummies".

    "Tex-Mex for Rednecks" would be more in my line - It's not really necessary to speak it, but it's helpful to know what I'm hearing. Anyway, the kids speak English better than I do, and they are the only ones I ever see.
  • bullsi1911bullsi1911 Moderator Posts: 12,170 Senior Member
    Ammo costs, inability to find reloading components, and work are keeping me from shooting.
    To make something simple is a thousand times more difficult than to make something complex.
    -Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • olesniperolesniper Senior Member Posts: 3,767 Senior Member
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil: For I carry a .308 and not a .270
  • ddrillerddriller Member Posts: 77 Member
    Garand match was cancelled, several weekends the whole range has been closed for 1000yd matches-which I hope to be competing in in several months, 10meter range in my garage is always open for airgun use. shot several hundred pellets this weekend but its getting hot. Most of the time I'm busy with my kids and their activities
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