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...a kinder, gentler counter terrorism...

wildgenewildgene Posts: 1,036 Senior Member

...how about instead of all this PCBS we focus are energies on people most likely to be terrorists, & I don't mean "white, ex-military"...


  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 18,355 Senior Member
    That would work...your average baptist grandma is unlikely to be a terrorist...
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  • wildgenewildgene Posts: 1,036 Senior Member
    Jayhawker wrote: »
    That would work...your average baptist grandma is unlikely to be a terrorist...

    ...they would still be pretty high up on my list of "possibles"...

    ...they tend to have things like oil lamps in case the power goes out, bottled water, & canned peaches, makes 'em pretty "suspicious"...
  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    cpj wrote: »
    Yes, I agree with Mrs C. We should be more diplomatic with terrorists. We should all meet at the table and discuss our differences. I mean, folks that think that women should keep their entire bodies covered, and who use their own hands to wipe off their asses, are obviously intelligent enough to discuss things like Mrs. C wants.

    I think we should get them all to a table etc.... then Neutron bomb them all into the stone age, or better, extinction !!
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  • HondoHondo Posts: 320 Member
    CPJ........it's only one hand. They use the other to eat with.......;-)
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    wildgene wrote: »

    ...how about instead of all this PCBS we focus are energies on people most likely to be terrorists, & I don't mean "white, ex-military"...

    :agree::that: I agree with that. Too much focus on the wrong groups and individuals over the past has lead to little or no progress on our war against terrorism.... First of all I don't take much stock in what folks like Hillary R. Clinton have to say to begin with... The question still stands.. How does one fight and win against an enemy that we can't see or we don't know who they are or where they are most of the time? Just what are these "smart power" initiatives?
    She says in the article: that more democracy development is needed.... Well we better start right here in the USA first.Give us back all the constitutional rights that have been opppressed by inept and BS departments like HLS and the Patriot act, and that will be a jester of good faith for the American people....

    The other thing I read in the article is the Creation of a new Global Counterterrorism Forum, designed to enhance international counterterrorism cooperation by bringing together policymakers and experts in the field on a regular basis... Now H.R Clinton goes on to say that this new forum, to be formally launched later this month at the United Nations ( theres the first and the biggest problem right there, the UN doesn't like the USA and the way of life we have had for the last 235yrs so why should I think that they want to help the US?). Most Americans don't want the US in the United Nations anyway, so lets just forget that BS.

    The new forum will be co-chaired by US and Turkey and 30 other countries, including Pakistan,(thats a problem right there), Saudi Arabia, ( well they play both sides of the fence with us, they always have and always will) Egypt,( Hell they can't even get their own act together how are they going to help us?) OOOHHH I know we will trade them arms and money for information!!!!! hahhahhhahaha and Algeria??? Don't know much about our relationship with Algeria,but just knowing their geographical location I wouldn't expect much from them either....

    Forgive me for being dense but can someone explain this to me:

    Noting that she is also upgrading the State Department’s counterterrorism office to a full bureau with its own assistant secretary of State, Clinton argued for increased integration of counterterrorism efforts into all aspects of US diplomacy

    This next statement by H. R Clinton is quite troublesome to me:

    But she emphasized that to be successful “we need effective international partners,” and that is where she said diplomacy is essential.

    I would like to see her go to Palenstine and Iraq, and tell those Muslims extremist over there that the US request your help in stopping terrorist against the USA. I wonder what kind of welcoming committee would be waiting for her there?????? The only international partner I see that might help us is Israel...... I would not expect much from any other country.. America has all but lost it's creditbility with most other countries....

    Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was an outspoken advocate of boosting the civilian component of America’s international involvement.
    ....Tens years of spending on diplomacy and foreign aid In Iran and Afganistan, Pakistan, and all those other middle east countries haven't got us any further to the end of terrorism than the first day we started.... I am skeptical of this.....

    So I have to agree with wildgene here,,, Lets don't worry about little old ladies and little old men like me who have in their possession an ample supply of chemical light sticks, can food, water, guns ammo, knifes, flint, steel, compasses, rope, camping equipment, books on freedom and US history,,, Let's concentrate efforts where efforts need to be.Let's stop arresting folks for being "Politically Incorrect" and who mentioned the fact to the wrong persons we have guns, and then find ourselfs in a "Heap of Trouble" and get down to the brass tacts of eliminating those terrorist and those who wish us harm and total destruction because of our way of life doesn't meet the expections or fullfillment of some ancient Muslim philosophy that doesn't, and hasn't and never will make one ioda of sense anyway....

    .....And the last thing to H. R. Clinton..... Contrary to your belief that "it takes a village to raise a child" I disagree with that and I always have and always will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might take a village to raise your Kid H.R. Clinton, but it didn't take a village to raise mine!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "It is what it is":usa:
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