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About this Miley Cyrus VMA thing...



  • bruchibruchi Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    Buffco, always missing the point, her publicists SCORED here.

    The more people talk about her, the more records, concert, movie tickets, perfume Miley sells, it is business as usual, pay attention and you will see she will in no time be coming out with something to sell to the masses.

    Some years ago British actor Hugh Grant gets caught infragante with a prostitute in Sunset Boulevard, days later he goes on Leno to fess it up, then days later his fist big US film debuts, Megan Fox comes out the closet, week later a new movie where she kisses another girl comes out, works out that Megan now is straight, popular singer making a crossover from country to pop has scandal for changing boyfriends on a weekly basis, writes song about last one that is her first hit on her new album.

    And so on....

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  • bruchibruchi Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    That doesn't say too much. I mean if I could find a way to make money off folks talking about Turkish prisons and grown men naked, I'd be pretty well off in these parts.

    You could, first become a celebrity big enought to get enough bored folks to care about you, hire the right people to spin your blabbing about Turkish prisons, etc. and there you go.

    No one in this forum is going to run out to buy Mileys wares because her stunt on the VMA show, we are not her target audience but plenty of others are and will.

    Point is that even those of us that do not care about her, her music, etc. are talking about her VMA stunt so is not a jump to realize that those that do care about her and so on are now primed and eagerly awaiting to complete a bit their lifes by giving her some of their cash and so for her publicists scoring.

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  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    bruchi wrote: »
    We are talking about her in a GUN FORUM, it is a huge win for her publicity people and that is all this is about.

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    And this is the Clubhouse section in which we chat about all sorts of things, and which anyone is free to skip, this thread being clearly labeled as about Miley.

    I really don't think that her publicity people have tracked our activity here, like they would with Facebook or Twitter hits, either.

    Regardless, it's of passing interest to several members here, myself included, who is among those who actually like looking at cute girls, of whom Miley is certainly one. I'm however not a "fan" of her and don't go out of my way to see or hear her. My essential take on the thing is that she went overboard in an attempt to out-raunch Lady GaGa which was a tactical mistake. Miley is much cuter if she softpedals the raunch.

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  • bruchibruchi Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    As this this the clubhouee section I added a comment to the topic regarding that her publicity people had a huge win as folks in a gun forum where comenting on the stunt.

    I suppose I am allowed to throw in my 2 cents as everyone else.

    Hollywood has been doing publicity stunts since day one for over a hundred years, they just get brazen and brazen but it is all pretought and packaged for profit.

    Bet your last dollar that Amazon had plenry of her product in store just before the VMA show.

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