7th-grader suspended for playing with airsoft gun in own yard



  • SirGeorgeKillianSirGeorgeKillian Senior Member Posts: 5,458 Senior Member
    There was a girl here in SC last year that was almost not able to graduate due to a "tweet" towards another student that had the N word in it (she didn't type the word, it was in the text of a photo she shared). The student that this was directed at had a mom on the school board. Happened off school property not during school hours.

    Every one on the school system will know me very well if my daughter is ever disciplined outside of school like this. While she is there, sure, but while she isn't, different story.
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    It wasn't so much about 2A Mike........it was about what transpires on who's property and what is the school's jurisdiction. Is the bus stop school property? No. Does the school have an obligation to protect a student's welfare at the bus stop? No. Many a fights have occurred at bus stops and there's not a damn thing a school can do about it. Does a school have an obligation to keep your child out of inclement weather while waiting for the bus? No.

    What these kids did extended the reach of their own property and affected others on public ground. They fired a projectile at unwilling non-participates in the case and it's clearly a police matter......for the mother to defend her children's actions, well she's an idiot too.

    What is one of the rules of gun safety? Know your target and what is behind it. If they shot at the bus stop, they knew their target and have violated every rule.

    I understand that, but when anything dealing with firearms of anykind comes into the spot light the antis will make it a 2A issue.
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