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NFL week 4 general thread (all welcome, even Buford)

samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
Some good games upcoming the week of 9/29, my picks below:
  • Ravens over Bills, nope
  • Vikes over Steelers, check, sorry Buford
  • Chiefs over Giants, check big time
  • Colts over Jaguars, check
  • Texans over Seahawks, nope big time, arrghhh
  • Bengals over Browns, nope
  • Bears over Lions, nope
  • Titans over Jets, check
  • Redskins over Raiders, check
  • Broncos over Eagles, check
  • Chargers over Mookids, check
  • Saints over Fish (Monday), check
First 3 weeks, my pick record was 18 of 28 or 64%, a teeny bit better than a chicken pecking at some corn. Shows you my incredible football knowledge (I even had to be corrected when I accidentally scored the wrong team winning last week, sigh)

  1. Texans really were embarrassed last week at the Ravens. Yeah, Rave is SB champs and a great team, but Texans still played awful. Hopefully this was their wakeup.
  2. Sorry about picking Steelers to lose again, Buford (I'm a longtime Steeler fan too) but they just aren't doing what they have to do to win, and Vikes are tough this year.
  3. Chiefs are on a roll w. new coach Andy Reid and I think they'll keep on.
  4. Alpha, Browns are playing well but they won't beat the Stripes this week.
  5. Don't like the Titans but I'm picking them to win anyway.
  6. Broncs aren't ready to lose yet.
  7. I think the Chargers will dump the Mookids (Cowboys).
  8. Saints (whom I don't like but respect their good QB) should win.
Your comments and whatever? And let's see a few picks of your own, 'kay?


  • FreezerFreezer Posts: 2,755 Senior Member
    Ravens over the Bills
    Steelers over the Vikings (If Tomlin and Healy want their jobs and not be hung. We don't take loosing very well.:angry:)
    Chiefs over the Giants
    Colts over the Jags
    Sea Hawks over the Texans
    Bengals over the Browns
    Bears over the Lions
    Redskins over the Raiders (could never want the Raiders to win)
    Broncos over the Eagles (No contest)
    Chargers over the Cowgirls
    Saints over Dolphins
    I like Elmer Keith; I married his daughter :wink:
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Texans quarterback can't pass so well under pressure. Plus that yo yo who body slammed the receiver cost them dearly in OT today. Wasn't all his fault though, they had a good lead, but lost it and didn't do anything the second half like putting more points on the board.

    I'm not a Seahawks fan, but dang they never give up hope and play good. Now I guess they are 4-0
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
    Words of wisdom from Big Chief: Flush twice, it's a long way to the Mess Hall
    I'd rather have my sister work in a whorehouse than own another Taurus!
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Well, the Cowgirls look bad today and SD will assuredly whup'em. 21-30 fumble/turnover in end zone less than 3 minutes left.
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
    Words of wisdom from Big Chief: Flush twice, it's a long way to the Mess Hall
    I'd rather have my sister work in a whorehouse than own another Taurus!
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Chief and alpha, correct analysis. Texans really blew it again and there were a bunch of impromptu "Schaub" (the Texans QB) shirt burnings in the lot following the game. Like burning him in effigy but effigy is too far to drive...

    Team that really surprised me is the Chiefs. I know, Andy Reid is a great coach but the turnaround he's effected on that team, now 4-0, is a treat to see.

    A few other surprises but mostly as expected.

    Congrats on the Browns, alpha. And the Steelers? Buford, I dunno what to say. Got any analysis to lend us -- and are you gonna get to see any games in person, maybe straighten them out?
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Telling a story on my girlfriend. She will get excited about a game, and she's developed a new, funny way to let the steam off. Just before a big play, she'll go to the front door, open it, and yell out to the team as if they could hear "Don't throw another interception!" or "Go for a touchdown, don't settle for a field goal!"

    Which makes us both laugh.
  • 5280 shooter II5280 shooter II Posts: 3,923 Senior Member
    Broncs had me worried end of the 1st quarter when it got to 12-14.....then a couple of keys plays by D-Fence like a 105 yrd return by Holliday and Johnson's kick-block, pick-up and TD. I like to see them well enough in the lead to let their back-ups get some play time. This is all w/o Champ Bailey and Von Miller.........we're gonna need them as the teams we play get better and better.
    God show's mercy on drunks and dumb animals.........two outa three ain't a bad score!
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Well, my score this week is 8 for 12, not to shabby.

    Saints Monday were just too much for Miami, who played tough but just got overwhelmed by the Saints' offense. Brees was terrific.

    I didn't see the Broncos game but I know they played very well. Congrats to them.
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Buford should be happy, as next week (week 5), the Steelers are guaranteed to not lose!
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