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The Democrat Party has no redeeming qualities - my annual rant

bisleybisley Senior MemberPosts: 10,798 Senior Member
I'm disenchanted with the Republican Party because it is currently controlled by establishment types who fear the Democrat spin machine and their lapdog media propagandists, and listen to political advisers who provide them with a formula for losing presidential elections. They are self-serving cowards, for the most part, whose elitist 'inside-the-beltway' world is all they care about. Still, there are a good number of honest men and women in the House and a very small handful of Senators in the party who still represent their constituents faithfully and will still vote up or down on a bill, based on its merits. There are none in the Democrat Party - if I'm wrong, name some, please.

The Democrats march in lockstep on every issue, never bothering to even consider opposition arguments, or even read the bills they vote on. The party leaders give them the agenda and promise to cover them when they are up for re-election, when necessary. It is only a turkey like Obamacare that can shake them up enough to go against the party line, and even then, they believe the party will come up with some last minute bait and switch trick, or accomplish a successful character assassination against their opponents to save their seats in Congress. Not a one of them even knew what they were voting for when they passed Obamacare. Sure, they assumed that huge lies were being told, as usual, but they believed their media juggernaut could prevent the truth from coming out, because it nearly always does. But these lies were whoppers, and they hurt and will continue to hurt traditional Democrat voters badly, and in huge numbers.

So, what is the Democrat Party response? Back off and try to fix what is broken? Hell, no - they never do that - they don't know how to fix anything, any more than they know how to create anything that will work in the first place. Their response is a media blitz to downplay the 'glitches,' which are not really glitches, but actually fundamental flaws in a system that cannot possibly work, as written. The only people who still pretend to like it are those who don't have to live under it, either because they have been illegally given waivers by executive fiat, or who have their own privileged programs. The only Obama administration talking point is to try and pin blame on the Republicans for 'not helping,' lame as that may be, and when that peters out, they create 'bigger' stories to send the media off on rabbit trails. They cover one outrage with another to keep them from zeroing in on a single thing. Obama has even hired a PR firm, with $1.1 million of our taxes, to search out and publicize anyone who will say the affordable care act is working for them.

Obamacare is the only major bill the Democrat Party has passed in years, and it is a disaster. It took major bribes and threats to get some of their own members to vote for it, and those members are now hunting a hole to hide in, from their constituents who being punished by it. To their credit, not a single Republican voted for it, because there was never ever a single chance that it could work. That's not exactly a resounding endorsement that makes me love Republicans, but it does, at least, indicate that they aren't complete idiots, nor traitors to their constituents.

The only question now, is how long the Democrats will pretend it can be fixed, and how long it will be before Republicans give in and start helping them try to feed us this shiite sandwich.


  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    The Democrat Party has no redeeming qualities

    Not so- - - -they make good compost!
  • 5280 shooter II5280 shooter II Senior Member Posts: 3,923 Senior Member
    Good rant, I "like" it. It reminds me of a few facebook "friends", guys I've known since childhood that became pastors. Well their congregation act like a bunch of Subaru driving Jesus-freaks......can't hear a word of secular opposition and can't use their own minds.......everything is hunky-dory with them as long as no one rocks their boat. I feel like Alphasigmookie there.....David against Goliath.........that's why I really like Chris, cause he's got the huevos to say his piece and backs it up with research. The OTHER Chris (Saint Pierre), says his mind and stands his ground out of conviction/redneck stubborness. Both are good examples of our political system.......Well.......I shouldn't insult Chris like that......that's just rude. :tooth:
    God show's mercy on drunks and dumb animals.........two outa three ain't a bad score!
  • 5280 shooter II5280 shooter II Senior Member Posts: 3,923 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »
    The Democrat Party has no redeeming qualities

    Not so- - - -they make good compost!

    Don't eat plants grown with toxic waste-my-time..........
    God show's mercy on drunks and dumb animals.........two outa three ain't a bad score!
  • Make_My_DayMake_My_Day Senior Member Posts: 7,671 Senior Member
    The only thing I could add to that is either hanging or firing squad would be justified (I'm not kidding)! My FB page is a series of unmentionable rants that surely would get me banned around here.
  • JeeperJeeper Senior Member Posts: 2,954 Senior Member
    Well said. I am in complete agreement.

    Wielding the Hammer of Thor first requires you to lift and carry the Hammer of Thor. - Bigslug
  • RazorbackerRazorbacker Senior Member Posts: 4,646 Senior Member
    That was well written and articulate as usual bisley.
    Part of me likes to think that this debacle, this massive government over reach that is the ACA will wake some people up. But then I'm reminded of the useful idiots just waiting in line to keep reelecting Pelosi, Di-Fi, Shumer, Jackson-Lee and others in perpetuity. John Roberts, Obama and every democrat that voted for this should be impeached. And if you think with Obama gone we'd be stuck with Biden, then I think you misunderstand the depth of the problem. Somewhere, Madame Defarge's knitting needles are furiously clicking away and keeping score.

    As for the Republicans, they wouldn't stand up to a 12 year old French girl and seem more intent on attacking their own base rather than listening to them. And I'm disgusted with them.
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  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    The only thing the Democrats do well is identify and discredit their most dangerous opponents. Knowing which of their politicians appear to be setting their agenda, even this amazes me - they just ain't that smart. The only 'organization' that I can think of that would have the know-how to do that is the Cold War KGB. They always had the most objective view about how our government worked, more so than we did, really, except for a handful of scholars, some CIA analysts, and a few politicians. I can't help but believe that some of them are still around and pulling strings in the Democrat Party - it's the only thing that makes any sense, to me.

    I have always believed that the Democrats started selling out to foreign entities like George Soros, beginning in about 2000, with Al Gore. The media, the Democrat Party, and the Unions had pretty much already become a single entity by that time, but Democrats didn't really start declaring themselves as pure, 'ends justify the means' socialists until the 2000 presidential campaign. By then, they had pretty much chased all the moderates out of the party, given up completely on selling their liberal agenda to the majority, and began concentrating on simply destroying their opposition with smear tactics. They have not passed a single bill on its merits, for decades, relying instead upon discrediting anything put up by their opposition.

    When you look at their constituency, you have to wonder where their vast campaign funds came from, before they gained enough power to get away with diverting the stimulus billions to entities that would then kick half of it back into their campaign war chests. They had to have either paid off or blackmailed some very big Republicans to get away with what they routinely do, now.
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