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NFL Sponsor Blacklist

bowserbbowserb MemberPosts: 277 Member
By now we've all read how the NFL will not allow Daniel Defense ads on TV during its games. Apparently they're concerned about the affect of a firearms company ad on impressionable young children watching the elite millionaire dufusses play their little game. It's OK for liquor and erectile dysfunction ads and ads for provocative movies, though. Actually, I've not watched a pro football game in over 20 years that I can recall, so boycotting their games is moot for me. However, I do plan to tune in a game once a week just long enough to get a sponsor's name, so I can contact them and tell them why I'm boycotting their products and that their name is going on to a blacklist of NFL supporters, that I am attempting to create at the G&A forum.

Moderator, is it possible to make this a sticky post for companies who support the anti-1st Amendment, anti-2nd Amendment NFL? If not, no big deal. I'll find some place to blog a bad guy list. I'd like to say my opinion of the NFL has sunk to a new low, but it was already at rock bottom, down there with Bloomberg, Pelosi, Feinstein, and Al Sharpton.

In case you haven't seen the story, here it is.
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  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 8,248 Senior Member
    Gun advertisements during a football game wouldn't reach me. As far as I'm concerned, a "wide receiver" is one that can accept the .416 Rigby, and a "pigskin" is something to punch a .44 through.

    Got the NFL boycott thing down already.

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  • SirGeorgeKillianSirGeorgeKillian Senior Member Posts: 5,462 Senior Member
    Just think, these are the same people that let Janet Jackson's boobie show on TV, but a gun ad is taboo?
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Well, bowserb, you've sorta made your work easy: "I don't like NFL games so I don't watch them but I'll, ah, set up a boycott where I won't watch the ads anyway." And bigslug doesn't like football at all, apparently. Which is fine, a free choice we make.

    Kinda doesn't carry a whole lot of commercial oomph via a boycott, however. Now if you were a dedicated fan and patron of sponsors and then organized a boycott, maybe.

    Some people just don't like pro football. Some do. If I think that the NFL is the best pro sport out there to watch as a spectator, I'll mostly tune out the commercials like I do anyway, particularly any horrid halftime ceremonies, and watch and enjoy the games.
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    I love football - I understand the strategies and the nuts and bolts. I have played it and/or watched it since at least 1960 - I even remember watching the old AFL with George Blanda as a top-notch quarterback, and Mike Ditka playing tight end for Chicago, Eddie LeBaron getting mauled the first year the Cowboys were a franchise. But, I haven't watched a whole game in at least ten years. I can't stand the glorification of the bad boys, the obnoxious, sycophantic commentators, extended half-times, product hype, etc.

    I put up with it for a long time after free agency started to 'bite,' because I loved the game. But, professional sports no longer represent what I always loved about them, and I won't support them. Thankfully, my grandsons play all three, and some of my granddaughters play one or two, so I can get my sports fix watching the games played the way I like them played.

    I liken most of the professional sports to what only professional wrestling used to be. I'm not saying the outcome of games are 'fixed' (yet), but the flashy showmanship and the soap opera aspect is getting there, and I definitely don't need to see a twerp like Bob Costas giving political editorials.
  • bowserbbowserb Member Posts: 277 Member
    Guys, you are right. Bad idea. It's another 'who cares' situation. Not worth the trouble. I retract my original proposal. Just sticking with never watching them anyway. The market could work, but the professional sports are subsidized by the taxpayer with stadiums built with taxpayer money and then leased to the teams at bargain rates and police provided at bargain rates or free and the only real so-called jobs created are peanut vendors.

    Daniel Defense is probably better off. The people who live for spectator sports on TV, by an large don't really do anything themselves, so they're not really potential customers anyway. Now...get a spot on Fox News, and you might actually reach a potential market.

    Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend, fellow gun people. Colt XSE Government model, Springfield Armory XDM-45, Windham HBC model AR-15, Mossberg 500 20 gauge. That's what I have, and it's about all I need or can afford.
    "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history." - Ayn Rand
  • SlanteyedshootistSlanteyedshootist Senior Member Posts: 3,947 Senior Member
    I, also, am not an NFL fan. I used to be. But, as Bisley said, it has gone to the dogs. I do boycott anti gun businesses and some were favorites of mine. I for one will NOT stick my head in the sand and put up with them disrespecting my 2A rights. But I guess most folks don't care and would rather join the drooling masses watching guys in tight pants hit each other rather than discomfort themselves and stand up for what is right.
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