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Back into reloading....step one



  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Posts: 4,997 Senior Member
    [QUOTE=Pegasus;34520lots of good info(as long as it's not a Lee.)[/QUOTE]

    No apology needed Pegasus! I didn't take offense to anything.

    That Chargemaster is on my list, I looked it over online and it is something I really want to have.

    I'll be reloading for several different cartridges, but not near as many as some here. I too, always kept notes of everything especially number of shots fired on brass. But, I shoot several magnums, and you'll just never get the life out of them that a 308 or 30-06 or what have you, will get. I'd be very happy to make it to 4-5 reloads on the Weatherby brass. They are expensive to shoot, even if you reload (compared to standards, brass and powder volume) but I just like them. Which is funny, because I used to really not like anything about them, until I started using one. Now I'm looking at building another if not 2 LOL

    Now for Pegasus or anyone else shooting match type stuff, what brass do you guys like in 308? I figure heck, if the best is available, use the best right? For the rest of the rifles I own/plan to build shortly, I really won't have many options for brass like I do for the 308. I mean...with a Weatherby you use Weatherby, the few others are distant runner-ups if anything. Brass is thinner and just not as strong. The 9.3 has a few options, but literally just a few. 308 has truck loads of choices lol
  • JermanatorJermanator Posts: 16,244 Senior Member
    Now for Pegasus or anyone else shooting match type stuff, what brass do you guys like in 308? I figure heck, if the best is available, use the best right?
    I am no match shooter but Lapua and Norma has the best brass available.
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  • PegasusPegasus Posts: 2,874 Senior Member
    Lapua is pretty much the gold standard for Match quality brass. It requires virtually no prep when you buy the Lapua virgin brass. I use Lapua for .308 and the only thing I do to it is push the appropriate size mandrel to make sure the mouth is perfect (it can get dinged in the box,) and then I prime it and charge it and seat the bullet. I always use a small base full length bushing sizer without the wicked expander ball and I trim, chamfer, deburr and clean the primer pocket every 5 loadings. I anneal less frequently, maybe every 6 or 7 loadings. I find that my brass works very little because I always F/L resize and never use the expander ball. My chambers are very tight and I only want about .002 for neck tension.

    For the .223, I use Winchester brass. The prep time is longer; I use the mandrel to round out the mouths, then I chamfer and deburr and I also ream ou the flash hole to get that little burr.

    So perhaps another thing on your list is the RCBS Trim Mate device. That's what I use to prep the brass. Very nice little device.

    Edited to add: At Lodi, there were a number of people using Nosler match brass. This is great stuff, and it is sorted by weight, but you pay for that. I don't remember meeting anyone using Norma brass, but I saw: Lapua (most), Nosler (I saw one but heard of more), Winchester (a few) and LC Match (quite a few.) One of the guys using LC brass encountered several case head separations. Ask me what it does to your score when that happens. I discussed it with him after the match (I was the one pulling his target when that happened,) and suggested he had a sizing problem. I believe, but I am not sure,) that he was breaking the first rule of handloading; "Never, ever, under any circumstances, resize virgin brass."
  • temmitemmi Posts: 230 Member
    First off I admit I missed the “Back” into reloading, so I may have given you a lot of very basic advice… sorry.

    +1 for the Chargemaster, I have had mine since they came out and it works perfectly and it has since day one.

    The only Press I have is the old simple RCBS Rockchucker press and it works well for me since I don’t load in huge volumes. I have toyed with the Idea of a Forster press but I never have done the deed.

    I use Forster dies whenever I can and like them very much.

    Since I do so much prep work I tend to use Winchester, Remington, and Federal Rifle brass and have not had any issues, then again I am not a competitive shooter.

    If I ever wanted to get out of all the case prep I would surely go to Lapua brass.

    Welcome back to reloading.
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