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I see that the military budget cuts include getting rid of the A10 'Warthog'.........



  • Pelagic KayakerPelagic Kayaker Posts: 1,503 Senior Member
    The magazine Modern War #10 Mar-Apr 2014 has an article on eastern European militaries most of are small and poorly equipped ect.

    The person who wrote that article is a moron. NEVER, EVER underestimate your adversary.
  • centermass556centermass556 Posts: 3,618 Senior Member
    The OH-58 is also being scrapped...another extremely poor choice.
    "To have really lived, you must have almost died. To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."
  • centermass556centermass556 Posts: 3,618 Senior Member
    So here are some more thoughts...

    1) I can't think of many Airframes that I have relied on that were NOT LESS than 20 yrs on. My Favorite are the UH/MH-60, UH/MH-47, AH-64, OH-58, A-10, and F-16.
    The marines still fly the hell out of the UH-1 and AH-1, Iroquois and Cobra. Those models are up to Y I think.

    2) The A-10 is a Niche Weapon. Close Air Support in a Fixed Wing format is a Niche area. And they are some of the bravest, boldest, and crazy pilots out there. Unless you have received CAS or a CAS pilot, you don't realize how slow and predictable a Plane has to become in order to save your Bacon...Those pilots really put it down. I don't see the F-35 or F-22 being allowed to expose themselves like that. My most memorable experience with an A-10 was as we were approaching Check point Shell. It was a cached Fuel bladder and a vulnerable position. We started getting 120's and Heavy MG fire from a Palm Grove about 1K out...The column didn't really have much room to manuever. IT was herring bone or or stay put...Well the Controller got some A-10s on the horn and they laid the hammer...It looked like the Lawn Mower of God was moving through that palm grove. I will never forget that sound or the silence afterward.

    3) CAS pilots provide invaluable arial intelligence to the ground and to the C2 element. They see things we can't. They can go Myopic or full scale...You can direct them real time. It is not through several different controllers. Sure you can control your own raven, but your field of view is not full scale. YOU WILL NEVER GET FULL VIEW FROM A DRONE. If you have ever seen UAV feed while trying to look for something, it is like standing on your coffee table and looking at your living room floor thru a straw.

    4) in the era of Asymmetrical warfare, every weapon that can provide precision effects to the battle field is a weapon that is needed.

    5) Never tell people who have had friends and family pay for your freedom in full, what it cost the government in taxes. IF you want to know the true cost of voicing your opinion, visit your local VA. War is not cheap. It is not cheap for a government to prepare for and it is not cheap for the sons and daughters who have to wage it. So you can support what it takes to have a premier fighting force capable of meeting multiple threats on multiple fronts across the globe and enjoy your freedom, or you can start learning Chinese.
    What we pay in Social programs, Government Official Perks, and just pure waste is ridiculous. You can't put a fighting force through close to 20 years of sustained rotation and Conflict and tell them to do more with less and without proper training. We used be an Army that equipped me to fight, but now we are an Army that is reduced to manning equipment to fight...

    6) 20 years you ask...

    1995 - 2001 = Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Operation Southern Watch, Operation northern Watch, Operation Desert Spring, Intrisic Action, Iris Gold, Eager Mace,

    2001 - 2014 = OIF, OEF, OND...
    "To have really lived, you must have almost died. To those who have fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."
  • TeachTeach Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    A bunch of cowardly eunuchs who didn't have the manhood to put on a uniform and defend this country are running the government- - - - -no wonder they don't understand, or just don't care what it takes to keep us free. The really scary thing is that the vast majority of the country is just like the politicians! Two years of "public service", either military or civil service for anyone not seriously physically disabled or mentally unfit, ought to be a requirement immediately after graduation from high school. There would be a lot fewer lace-panty bedwetters if that rule was enforced without ANY exemptions!
  • tennmiketennmike Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    As long as we put troops on the ground I want to see a purpose built aircraft capable of low 'n' slow flight that is armed to the teeth with stuff to bring bad news to our enemies and give our troops a means of protection and a means of finding out where the bad guys are.

    We've always had purpose built aircraft. Look at WWII. Fighters, dive bombers, heavy bombers, torpedo planes, and a few that could also be used as dual purpose to provide close air support. CAS is one of those uses where a purpose built aircraft makes a lot of sense. I'm all for having plenty of different tools in the toolbox to take care of business.
      I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer”
    ― Douglas Adams
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