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How did you find the Guns & Ammo Forum?

ZeeZee Senior MemberPosts: 28,077 Senior Member
Back when this place was still the prisoner of Florida Sportsman (Intermedia?) about 8 years ago, I took my neanderthal computer skills and did a google search on "3-Gun Battery". Well, this place (other iteration it was back then) popped up and I started browsing. I lurked for about a week and then joined. It was the first forum I'd ever participated in.

Since then, I joined the Ruger forum for the expressed purpose of selling some Ruger firearms I had. I sold the guns and bailed.

This is my only home and I blame Al Gore and his creation of the internet for all the time I've spent here.

What's your story? How'd you find the place?
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  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Panama City, Fl.Posts: 8,695 Senior Member
    About the same, I started on the Florida Sportsman forum. Liked this place a LOT better. Seems like the FSF members were very territorial, with a few of the "I am the king of this forum" types. So much nicer here!! That has to about 13 years ago when I joined. I had gotten away from guns and shooting after I moved to Florida, and busy at work. This place helped maintain my interest, so now that I'm retired I renewed my resolve to all aspects of shooting guns in general.
  • USUFBUSUFB Senior Member Posts: 830 Senior Member
    I can't remember exactly. I think I was poking around the G&A website in 2006, and clicked on the "Forums" button. I do remember that I lurked for months before joining. I left when when I went away to college. I started lurking again about eight months ago and joined again.
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  • shootbrownelkshootbrownelk Senior Member WyomingPosts: 2,035 Senior Member
    I was browsing around the G&A website after a renewal on my subscription. That was 2010 or thereabouts, lurked for awhile, then joined up as everyone on here sounded friendly & down to earth. Unlike some other forums ruled by "Know-it-all" buttheads. I like it here.
  • SirGeorgeKillianSirGeorgeKillian Senior Member Sovereign SCPosts: 5,463 Senior Member
    Had to of been more than 8 years ago. I've been here for at least 7.

    I think there was a Google search that brought me to a thread that was old. I joined and resurrected said old thread. Been a pain in you guy's butts ever since.
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    I'm in love with a Glock
  • pjames777pjames777 Senior Member Lincoln, CAPosts: 1,421 Senior Member
    Did a web search for an answer and a link to here came up.....about 2008-09. Been away a couple of years and just returned to the wisdom and comedy here!

    Patrick :cool2:
  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Miami, FL almost in the USA ;)Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
    The Florida Sportsman Forum lead me here.

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  • FisheadgibFisheadgib Senior Member crusted in sandPosts: 5,797 Senior Member
    I used to frequent a few surf fishing forums and they slowly faded away and then I moved to the Florida Sportsman forum but didn't care for the personalities on there. They always had adds for this forum so I checked it out and here I still am.
    snake284 wrote: »
    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
  • Pelagic KayakerPelagic Kayaker Banned Soon to be in TexasPosts: 1,503 Senior Member
    I was thinking about getting into fly fishing and while looking for gear I stumbled into a forum that was full of kool-aid drinking libtards. Believe it or not there was a link for this site and was hooked.

    ...never looked at a fly fishing forum again.
  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Pensacola, FLPosts: 10,838 Senior Member
    My first foray into Al Gores internet was with a WebTV I found on the clearance table as "open box"..... Found a "check out our forum" link on G&A site and started right off the bat in the middle of a Jim Rice flame war (not as a participant, just an amused onlooker). Think it was 2001 or 02?
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  • SlanteyedshootistSlanteyedshootist Senior Member Corvallis, OregonPosts: 3,947 Senior Member
    Did a Google search with "Forum that needs ethnic integration by an Asian wisenheimer".
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  • wddodgewddodge Senior Member Northwest OhioPosts: 1,150 Senior Member
    Was talking about firearms on a Dodge truck forum at least 10 years ago, maybe more and one of the guys posted a link to this forum about the subject being discussed. I followed the link and have been hooked ever since.

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  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Global NomadPosts: 6,078 Senior Member
    Something like 12 years ago (original G&A) dad was a member and I signed up.
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  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Between Ft Lauderdale and MiamiPosts: 12,566 Senior Member
    I also started out on the Florida Sportsman fishing forum. Those guys could be brutal!! If you didnt have a 21 ft Dusky or larger you werent worth discussing fishing with. While heading to the kayak fishing side of the house I came across the gun forum. Lurked and read then joined and have never looked back.
    I learned more about guns and shooting from reading on here than anyplace else.
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  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Pensacola, FLPosts: 10,838 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    Wonder if it was one of the ones between he and I, we had quite a few over the years. So it must have been 2002.

    Don't remember. He had so many! I had my eyes LASIKed in Dec 2000.... I thought I joined not long after....

    I remember my first flame war here. I lived on a dead end street that was all downhill to a river. We got 8'' of snow and the cities snowplow broke and I couldn't get up the hill in my 2wd Ranger. Of course some blowhard drove up Mt Everest in 10' of snow with his Ranger!
    "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." Thomas Jefferson
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member WyomingPosts: 8,566 Senior Member
    Dan (The Marshall) contacted me about my son's shooting and was planning on writing a piece on him. This was about a month and a half to two months before he died. I wasn't familiar with the site. At that time the forum was down and correspondence was being done via the blog/responses to articles. When the forum came up and the weird questions were being asked, I was wondering, "What in the world.....":uhm: Felt a little odd to be doubted and or disbelieved all over again about distance shooting with SP's. Started posting some and the rest is history.

    "The Un-Tactical"
  • olesniperolesniper Senior Member Franklin, Ky.Posts: 3,767 Senior Member
    I was reading the mag..........back when you was still a seedling.
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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member WyomingPosts: 8,566 Senior Member
    I didn't realize so many "Bad" forums existed out there back in the day.

    "The Un-Tactical"
  • bobbyrlf3bobbyrlf3 Senior Member Renton, WashingtonPosts: 2,598 Senior Member
    I searched for G&A, and read most of the articles on the site. Got bored, clicked on 'Forums', 'cuz I didn't know what a 'Forum" was (in terms of the 'net). Entered , read a few threads, and joined immediately. Insulted Linefinder within my first week, though he probably doesn't remember. Yeah, I was one of those guys. Breamfisher set me straight though, and I've been learning ever since.
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  • dlddld Member NE FlaPosts: 467 Member
    Did a Google search with "Forum that needs ethnic integration by an Asian wisenheimer".

    Well, did you find one yet, don't keep us in suspense:blah:

    I came from the florida sportsman fishing side
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    bobbyrlf3 wrote: »
    I searched for G&A, and read most of the articles on the site. Got bored, clicked on 'Forums', 'cuz I didn't know what a 'Forum" was (in terms of the 'net). Entered , read a few threads, and joined immediately. Insulted Linefinder within my first week, though he probably doesn't remember. Yeah, I was one of those guys. Breamfisher set me straight though, and I've been learning ever since.

    God sent me here to extoll the virtues of his greatest creation, the .270 Winchester!!!:jester:

    OK, now that I've most probably gotten some of your attention, I will tell how I REALLY found this place. I had lost my Model 700 BDL 6mm Remington in a divorce. I really loved that gun and had been kicking myself for having left it in the house when I left. I fell for her BS when she said "You can come back Monday while I'm at work and get the rest of your stuff." I should have smelled a rat right there, but I didn't. That was Saturday morning Jan. 13, 2001. I left and came back Monday morning. I got in the house because one of my kids was there doing something for her. She was gone to work. Anyway, when I got in, I discovered she had had the locks changed on everything, including the door to my gun safe room. So it was bye bye 6mm BDL, .308 Ruger Varminter, Model 788 Rem. .223, Citori Superlight 20 gauge, Model 1000 S&W 12 ga. and a few other guns. Never saw them again. Anyway, I got this urge to find another 700 BDL 6mm but having been out of the gun circuit for a few years, I had no idea what one would cost. So I did a search on the Firearms Blue Book, and it sent me here and got to arguing with the locals about nothing. Made some enemies, made some friends, but until lately, forgot all about finding another 6mm Rem.
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Under a logPosts: 27,457 Senior Member
    Started out on Florida Sportsman forum in, I think, 2004. After getting some nasty IMs from a 'certain big dog' over there about some details I injected on the Fed CFRs on a subject, and my certain banning if I continued, I clicked on the G&A link. Liked it and stayed here. Still a member over there, but don't post very often.
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  • roadkingroadking Senior Member NEPA Near Lake WallenpaupackPosts: 3,056 Senior Member
    FIL was the owner and operator of gunandknife dot com years ago. When he passed I went looking and a member from another forum suggested G&A. I'm here, he was banned...go figure.

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  • timctimc Senior Member TexasPosts: 6,684 Senior Member
    I was part of the original software package and only exist here.
    timc - formerly known as timc on the last G&A forum and timc on the G&A forum before that and the G&A forum before that.....
    AKA: Former Founding Member
  • CaliFFLCaliFFL Senior Member Kaniksu Nat'l Forest, IDPosts: 5,486 Senior Member
    I also started out on Florida Sportsman forum but I can't remember when. I had a Mini-14 jam that I couldn't remedy so I posted a question.

    Buford drove to my house and showed me how to fix the jam and asked for nothing in return.
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  • waipapa13waipapa13 Senior Member Northland, New ZealandPosts: 954 Senior Member
    Joined about 4 or 5 years ago when I was in high school, maybe a bit longer, just clicked on the forum button on the G and A main site and led to here, think it was a combination of some of the projects people were posting up and the friendly and open attitudes of the place and general vibe that made me stay.

    Plus it was great to know that there were other gun nuts out there, growing up I knew plenty of hunters but no one who really was into guns and shooting.
  • JermanatorJermanator Senior Member Posts: 16,244 Senior Member
    I joined in the summer of 2002. I was rooting around the net for some load data, and found myself on G&A's site, clicked the "forum" button to see what that was all about... Started reading some sort of 3 or 4 page disagreement between Gene and Dr. Who and found it amusing. Kalrog was asking about pump shotguns and I wanted to tell him about my Benelli Nova (kind of hard to do that as a lurker). So, I had to join. The rest is history.
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  • DanChamberlainDanChamberlain Senior Member Near St. LouisPosts: 3,395 Senior Member
    Dan Johnson and I were "Modulators" on another form in the dark ages of forumness. He got the job here when it was created and I followed him.
    It's a source of great pride for me, that when my name is googled, one finds book titles and not mug shots. Daniel C. Chamberlain
  • centermass556centermass556 Senior Member Posts: 3,579 Senior Member
    It was 2001 when I followed a rabbit down a hole into another world...

    I think I was looking for something about .270s either that or my Marlin....The internet search led me here.

    Matt hadn't gone off to school in NM yet, Jim Rice was still around, Dan J. hadn't yet made it to the forum...But he showed up shortly after I did.
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  • bullsi1911bullsi1911 Moderator Posts: 12,315 Senior Member
    I was writing something a long time ago, and was trying to find out the loaded weight of a Glock 22 magazine. Could not find the info on any web searches, started to poke around the G&A site for the info. Clicked into the Forum and started reading around... Got hooked and joined.

    That was before the Intermedia "Floriduh Sportsdork" merging. Back when the "Chicken Fingers" thread went 10 pages. Probably 1999 or 2000.
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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior Member Western PAPosts: 8,244 Senior Member
    Saw a smoke signal in the shape of a 1911.
    It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.
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