PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING FIRST TIME: A few "suggestions" for those posting ads/FAQ

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Ok as some of you already started playing with the classifieds here are some "suggestions" that will make it easier on everyone.

1- PLEASE be clear on the title of the thread. If you intend to Sell a S&W Model 36 then say so. Don't make folks (specially the mods and admin) guess about content or intent. Makes everyone cranky, specially me. :mad:

2- Don't get too artsy or long with your language on the body of the ad. No one wants to read two paragraphs to find out you are selling half a box of .22 ammo.


RIGHT way to word an ad: For SALE or TRADE Stainless Ruger SBH .44 MAG 6" barrel. Potential trades include rifles or handguns of similar value and quality with preference towards carry pistols but will consider all offers for trades.

WRONG way to word an ad: I'm trying to find a good home for my pet hunting firearm buddy that has accompanied me on many adventures afield. Will think about trading for other comparably loved hunting companions of similar quality that need a loving, good home but the offer has to move me emotionally.

When in doubt go to Gunbroker and read their titles and body of ads. Most of those guys know what they are doing.

3- Pictures are a great sales tool and they will save you from having to answer a LOT of questions.

4- The threads are individually read and approved by the admin or mods. If you post something and you don't see it in five seconds, we work at the speed must unpaid, volunteers do. When we get to it you'll see it, don't PM or email us about it unless an unreasonable long time has passed, specially if the Swedish Bikini Team is visiting the Mod cave.

5- Remember ALL offers/negotiations are on PM, but it is Ok to list pricing, condition, details etc on the body of the ad or for an interested party to ping someone on the thread to let them know you sent a PM. Email is Ok too for those that accept it.

6- If you are a seller and have a deal but it's not completed yet you can post a SOLD PENDING FUNDS on your ad to avoid a lot of extra PMs coming your way. Then delete the add or just edit to SOLD when the transaction is finished.

Now have some fun and post some stuff. :cool2:

Jerry and mods, feel free to edit and add your thoughts on this port/thread. If you have a question about your potential add that will benefit everyone post it here for an answer/clarification and we'll make this an FAQ thread or send a PM to one of the mods or admin.
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