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Sprinkling Ebola Around The US

By Judith Moriarty

What insanity has people from West Africa 'self-reporting'...who the heck would report being anywhere NEAR a person with Ebola? To date, over 1000 people a week enter US from West Africa 'sprinkled all over the nation.'

WE have exactly 19 BEDS do deal with any kind of plague epidemic like this. Think about it. For years now, all we've heard about is biological - chemicals…danger….danger. Agencies have received billions over these past years. So what happens when ONE man gets into the country with the PLAGUE -- the damn system falls apart.
Nobody has a clue as to who's on first. The Dallas nurses (NON-UNION) were not given the proper protective garments and directions, etc…and, oops, they've come down with the Ebola. The CDC tells one nurse (Vinson) who worked on Duncan and who had a temperature, that flying from Dallas to Ohio and back was "No problem". Now that plane has made 30 trips without being decontaminated and schools are closed in Dallas and Ohio because a staff member was on the plane.

This guy Duncan (dead) knew darn well he'd better get to America if he wanted a chance to live. He rented a room in the house in Liberia where the pregnant woman with Ebola died.

He'd taken her to hospital (more of a kennel) where they refused her. The place was filled...people are dying in the streets over there. She died the day after, as did the other guy who helped Duncan with her. Duncan then got a visa ($$$) within hours! He lied (I wonder how many would do the same?) about knowing anybody with ebola and now look at the mess we are in.

It cost $500,000 just to take care of Duncan - ONE PERSON - and $135,000 for cleanup. This doesn't account for all the current costs. Imagine if a few folks showed up in one of New York's massive government housing projects...now there's real trouble.

Imagine they had the family (after he died) living in that apartment for NINE DAYS with the dirty linen, etc. Then they couldn't get anybody to decontaminate the place. HELLO? Note how prepared we are. Finally, an outfit called Two Guys showed up in a panel truck and used a pressure washer to blow the VOMIT off the sidewalk and into parking lot and then into the sewer! Never mind the aerosolized micro droplets that were spewed all over the area.
Today, the President appointed an Ebola Czar (imagine!). The guy knows zero about Ebola or infectious disease. He was Gore's Chief of Staffand then Biden's. He's a PR spinner…a flak (flake). Oh, PLEASE. The gang who can't shoot straight and can't keep a fence-jumper invader out of the White House - and they're going to protect Americans? I think not.

This 'Czar' will make sure everybody has the same fluff and nutter script. He'll spew out the great news about how everything is fine. Another political hack on the payroll. Oh, and then he'll need a big staff, too. Huh? We pay countlessmillions to HHS-CDC-NIH-Acting Surgeon General-Homeland Security with 240,000 employees…but we now need a 'Czar'? Apparently the ONE job all these folks were supposed to be preparing for (an outbreak - a communicable disease crisis) was just a joke.

Thousands of folks on the government teat and not a one of them is doing their job. Most especially the politicians who only worked 112 days this year yet got paid for a full year -pay, pension, vacation time to exotic lands called to perform 'fact finding missions'. They never go to place like Detroit, Chicago's South Side, or the Bronx. Meantime, Samaritan Purse, Franklin Grahams' organization on front lines in Liberia, reported that staff are dropping like flies....19 Doctors without Borders staff have Ebola and thus far 10 are dead. Note how virtually NO NEWS is now coming out of these countries anymore. Also NOTE that 35 nations have now banned air travel to these ebola countries but not the US!

There are also 14,000 with visas from West Africa. We were told that our military was needed to construct 17 tent hospitals - 17!! So nobody on the continent of Africa is capable with all those billion dollar corporations sucking the place dry of diamonds, emeralds, rare chemicals, petroleum, exotic woods for elite decks and furniture, etc.) Billions in resources and they get tents for 'hospitals'! What's wrong with this picture??? Why are hundreds of US military needed to put up 17 tents?

Why is the President now going to send thousands of Reservists and National Guard over there? Hmm, I wonder what corporate facilities they're guarding or what hordes of people they are trying to contain? It certainly isn't to put up tents. (Or, have they allbeen given various secret ebola vaccines to see which ones work….to see who will live and who will die?) Where's the rest of the world? So what happens when our young soldiers bring Ebola home? Another 'oops', we didn't think this was possible? BS.
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