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"Opening Day" - 11:00PM EST NBC SportsNet

Six-GunSix-Gun Senior MemberPosts: 8,155 Senior Member
Late notice here, but in about an hour, NBC SportsNet is running a documentary special that appears to chronicle a private pheasant ranch and a young man on his very first pheasan hunt. I believe it takes place in South Dakota. For the parents out there, this might be one to seee. I know that, as a guy who never shot a pheasant until his 30s - I can't imagine a more exciting huntfor a kid, save for maybe a particularly good waterfowl opener.
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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 8,496 Senior Member
    Since I was blessed to hunt pheasants growing up, I can see how it would be a really cool hunt.
    I still think I like hunting Bob White's more though.

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  • WeatherbyWeatherby Senior Member Posts: 4,953 Senior Member
    I can't imagine a more exciting huntfor a kid

    3 words......bunnies with beagles
  • Farm Boy DeuceFarm Boy Deuce Senior Member Posts: 6,083 Senior Member
    The memories I have from family pheasant hunts as a kid are ones I will always treasure. I still remember very vividly the first time a bird flushed at my feet. I thought I had stepped on a land mine.
    I am afraid we forget sometime that the basic and simple things brings us the most pleasure.
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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    Farm Boy -

    Even as an adult, I had that same feeling. Even with a dog on point, nothing readies you for that flush.

    As far as the show went, it was extremely cool to see Tom Brokaw hosting it and hunting. He was trotting out there with his dog and friends he had known and hunted with for 50 years. He drew parellels between the young man in the show and his own first hunt. Very well done. He also discussed how important the $200 million dollars pheasant hunting bring in is to the South Dakota economy.
    Accuracy: because white space between bullet holes drives me insane.
  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
    I was 15 on my first pheasant hunt and it was a definite lifetime memory for me.

    Hopefully it will be for him and everyone that watches. Maybe even educational for those that don't know that the pheasant was brought here as a game bird from China.

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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    That's a great point about pheasants being imported, Dan, and one that I think a lot of Americans do not realize. Just today, I mentioned that fact to a co-worker in his 50s and he was surprised to hear it. We emblazon the bird in engraved scenes on our American shotguns and it's even South Dakota's state bird, but it is nonetheless an introduced species. Thankfully, it has not become a nuisance like so many other introduced species and hunting them has truly become an adopted part of our culture.
    Accuracy: because white space between bullet holes drives me insane.
  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Senior Member Posts: 2,725 Senior Member
    I have a question for experienced pheasant hunters if you will, please.....

    I've been 1 time, maybe 9-10 years ago out in the Chamberlain, South Dakota area. Seems to me that when a pheasant is flushed it will climb up in flight at about a 40-50 degree angle to maybe 30 feet or so in elevation then level out in flight and get the hell out of Dodge! And these birds are F A S T! Is this about correct? or did I imagine this? Anyhow, Anyway, the limit was 3 birds a day, and we hunted 3 days. I used one of my flintlocks in 16ga, cyl bore. I shot 10 times and killed the last 9 birds I pulled down on, and I still don't believe I did this :uhm:! I waited each time 'till the bird reached its highest point of elevation then shot under the bird a couple of feet leading into the direction it was flying. Remember, cyl bore-flintlock-maybe 28-32 yards max range! I strongly suspected the guide/land owner was shooting these birds for me, but I could never turn around quick enough to see if he had shot, and I could not tell if his shotgun went off in conjunction with mine. I'm not a wing shot at all! Dull, below average to very poor on Bobwhites. IMO I should not have killed any of these pheasants. What logically could have happened in this situation? Was the guide really busting these birds for me? I've always suspected that, but I just couldn't catch him at it. He was 20 yards or so behind me and to the side which would have made each of his shots 40+ - yards. :confused:
  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    woodsrunner -

    It very much depends on the conditions. In low winds, I find that the birds will do exactly as you described: clear the top of the grass, climb at a steep angle until they reach a given altitude and then level off an turn on the jets. However, I have hunted them in very high headwind conditions where they realized it was going to take everything they had to get horizontal separation. They instinctively stop climbing early and try desperately to make up ground distance instead. They often top off at around 10 feet under these circumstances. It's crazy, but if they aren't moving very fast forward, you STILL had better lead them as if they were because your shot payload suffers just as much as the bird much beyond 15 yards.

    As for a flintlock 16 GA on these things, boy that had to be a sight to see! Bobwhites even moreso. I find quail to be a MUCH tougher bird to hit than pheasant, particularly Bobwhites because of the way they weave around. It makes it very tough to pick a bird and not flock shoot (a great way to miss completely in most cases).
    Accuracy: because white space between bullet holes drives me insane.
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