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Color inkjet printer -- recommendations?



  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Gene L wrote: »
    I had one, don't remember the brand. I don't print very much and certainly don't print color that much. I can't remember why I bought it, now.

    If you're a CEO or a media person I can see the need for pie-charts and graphs, where it's effective to get a color printer. I'd look for one with an auto cut-off to save cartridges.

    The Deskjet I bought has auto-cutoff. Most of the new HPs I looked at do this. I don't know about this feature for other brand names but I suppose most have this nowadays. And thanks for the suggestion on that feature.

    In truth, I really don't expect to do a lot of color printing, Gene. I've got a very nice HP Laserjet for regular document printing and don't need much color stuff.

    Reason we bought the printer mostly is because of its scan capability. Both my girlfriend and I have a gazillion of family photos, like most folks do who're over the age of 20. But the negatives often get lost or dumped and you've got these nice 4x5 photos but no way to get them elsewhere. So we can lay maybe 6-8 pics on the scan glass and bingo you've got digital images, 400dpi or such (which is just fine for home photos) and now we can email them and save them for posteriors ... oh, I meant posterity.

    Another nice feature of the scan is that there's an add-on software routine that performs OCR (optical character resolution). So I can scan old stories or articles I wrote that I've got saved, from magazines or newspaper clippings, and digitize them into MS-Word. Same for other documents that I don't have digital alpha versions of.

    Another sidebar software routine lets you take photos and combine them with a library of decorations to create greeting cards and such. My girlfriend is already learning that software.

    Sure, an occasional color printing but for any quantity we can email the images to a Copy.Com 3 blocks from the house and get multiple copies quite cheaply.

    Generally, a fairly nice fun gadget for less than 100 bucks, which was my target. And the thing works great, much of the software in very intuitive, far better than the older software used to be.
  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    coolgunguy wrote: »
    I recommended NOT getting an Epson.

    Yes, and thanks for that. I'd not considered that brand anyway, as I'd had fairly poor experiences with them when we evaluated them for our software scope, and said "no way".

    Supporting (via actual customer support services) is a tricky deal. Our engineering design and drafting software had a pretty comprehensive list of supported printers and plotters. Most were the larger scale precision color or black "drafting plotters" but we also supported the small inkjet type so the user could run off a test copy for fast review.

    If you (as a company -- as a product manager, same thing) you get pressured by sales reps all the time. One of their customers plans to buy, say, a Bizzaroplot 550 and there are maybe 4 of these darn things in the Western Hemisphere (sorry, orchid, ha ha). So the customer wants us to support this plotter, and the sales rep clamors for this plotter to be added to the list.

    Sitting in his way is yours truly. Like any manager, I've got a budget that was fought for in the upper management meetings (we had 7 product divisions, I managed 2 of them). We study whether to support an oddball brand of printer or plotter. To "support" this you've got to buy one, and test it with all of your hard copy output options. And you've got to re-test the plotter (or printer) each time you issue a software update. Let's say that your new plotting feature allows the user to rescale some zones of the plot but not all of them. Some plotters might balk at this. (This isn't a very good example but it's off the top of my head). But when we "support" that device, we guarantee it will work perfectly with all the plotting options of our software, including all the new features in the latest revision.

    Anyone who has dealt with incompatible software updates ("My document won't display on the screen!") can realize that a lot of testing is needed to verify that everything is compatible. And when we started to evaluate Epson plotters / printers, we had lots of problems with their reliability, and decided to not put them on our "support" list.
  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    shush wrote: »

    This post was about a printer.

    I did not pick up on that.

    Yeah. Thread drift extraordinaire.
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    If you have settled on a model you want check amazon.com for prices before trudging out to the local store. I have saved lots of money on different items, shipping and sales tax by using their internet store.

    Man, almost every printer for consumers in the marketplace is on sale now from last week through today. Paper filled with deals on them from every place that sells them. Black Friday has been extended through today and I think longer this year.

    We bought an HP all-in-one wireless printer earlier this year that does about anything you could want one to do like make photos/ copies/fax/ scan and put stuff into pdf and send to your email and so forth. Under a $100 bucks.

    It is an HP Envy 4500 model. We also have a portable Canon ip90 (?) and a Dinosaur we no longer use, need to donate to someplace.

    Amazon is a great place to shop, Mrs Chief has Amazon Prime (free S&H on most items) and we both order a lot of stuff through them.

    The post office has some deal with where UPS or FedEx starts the shipment and they deliver it on some things. We have got a few of their Sunday Deliveries too.
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Big Chief wrote: »
    We bought an HP all-in-one wireless printer earlier this year that does about anything you could want one to do like make photos/ copies/fax/ scan and put stuff into pdf and send to your email and so forth. Under a $100 bucks.

    It is an HP Envy 4500 model.

    I looked at that specific model, Big. It was similar to the Officejet I bought, but the Officejet 4630 had a bit higher resolution and a few more features, and just because of the in-store "buy me now!" discount, I saved another 10 bucks.

    I've got a pal who owns an Envy (don't know the model number) but he likes it, too. My challenge was that HP's got about a dozen printers about the same price, and selecting among them was tricky. I could have just as easily gotten a different printer and would have likely been just as pleased.

    Anyway, yesterday I loaded up all the necessary software on my girlfriend's laptop and it instantly connected to the new printer via our Xfinity WiFi, so all is good. She's got lots of photos she wants to scan and then print on plain less-costly paper but blown up so some of her older relatives can see the family photos. She may make up a little Christmas card using the HP added software for creating such.

    Myself, I've got a big box of old photos, most family stuff, my folks both alive and happy, and those need to be digitized and saved. I'm not likely to do any color printing, as I'm lots more digitally connected than is my gf. But hey...

    Thanks for the feedback, all.
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