Cartridge populatity comarision

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I'm having a friendly debate with a fellow on another site. The question was between 1900 and 1950 what was the most popular cartridge in the PA woods. The consensus is 30-30-Win is number one. Then there is debate. I'd say 300 Savage is number 2 as it was chambered in the Savage 99, Remington pumps and semi autos and every bolt action manufacturer had a rifle chambered for it. It's decline came after the advent of the 308. He contends the 35 Rem was more popular. I have a hard time with that because it was chambered in the Rem model 8 and 81 semi auto (Couldn't be used in PA) the 41 and 141 pumps. I haven't heard of any bolt action rifles chambered for it until after the mid 50s. In addition though Marlin chambered this cartridge in the 336 but that didn't happen until 1950.

Is there some way to justify our opinions with stats?

My order His order
30-30 win 30-30 Win
300 Savage 35 Rem
30-06 300 Sav
32 WCF 30-40 Krag
35 Rem 30-06
38-55 Win
30-40 Krag

There are some great cartridges that haven't entered the debate including the 307 Win, 250 Savage and 257 Roberts
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    Depends, is it Duck Season or Rabbit Season?
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    You no doubt know more about PA than I, but the .300 Savage wasn't invented until 1920, which puts it out of the running for two decades of the model, the 30-06 was earlier, but I'm not convinced it was all that popular. I think Winchester came out with the Model 54 in 1924 or so. I don't know how popular the .30-40 Krag was back then. So I'd say in America, the .30-30 rules, no doubt. What comes in second would make some interesting arguments.
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    Krags were cheaper and there are a lot of hacked down ones in PA.

    32 win spl was there as a odd man out but I would guess there were more than the 35 and about the same as the 300. I have seen a number of 250-3000's, not a bunch, but they were there.

    My top 2 would be 30-30 and 12 ga with real punkin balls, the kind that split into 7.
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    I'd think that there would be quite a few .44-40 and .38-40 lever guns in the woods at that time. Maybe a few in .45 Colt, too. The .30-30 was a popular round in lever arms, too, and the .38-55 was used extensively in the market hunting of deer and bear. Bound to have been quite a few Springfield .45-70 rifles around then, too, as they were sold off as surplus by the U.S. government.

    I've got some old pictures of Michigan UP deer camps of that era from family, and the old Winchester lever rifles dominated the rifles in the pictures.
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    307win is out, it was I troduced in the 1980's
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    I'd say a majority of deer taken before WWII were taken by people looking for food. Most probably couldn't afford a fancy rifle and may have used old surplus rifles such as Krags or even 1917 enfields and 45-70s. Also, back in the day a lot of deer were killed off the road at night using 22 LRs. So a whole lot of deer were killed back then with 22 LRs, 30-30 Winchesters, 30-40 Krags and occasionally a 30-06. 250 Savages, 257 Roberts, and .270s killed their share, but not by the masses. So their kill numbers weren't that high.
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