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    I agree, a good quality S&W Revolver is a great idea for a new shooter not likely to practice much, easier to load, unload, check, less chance of a negligent discharge as many folks have forgotten to check the chamber as did DEA agent Lee Paige that ended up shooting himself in the laige!

    A friend of mine modified a clothing dresser, the top was hinged and by pushing down hard on it towards the front, it would pop up the gun clipped to its underside.
    The dresser was very very heavy, old style, and thick wood.

    The secret was never discovered, even when the home was burglarized twice, the dresser was ransacked, but the hidden compartment remained undiscovered.
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    Eli wrote: »
    Get her a small SAFE, let HER pick which handgun she wants (a .32 or .38 certainly wouldn't be my first choice, especially if concealability isn't an issue), and make sure she practices every time she comes home. Naysayers always come up with the "what if she gets caught with it" response is, what if she gets caught without it?

    Remember, it isn't the odds we're dealing with here, it's the stakes.

    Now this is one of the best answers I've ever seen in relation to this. It's the stakes not the odds to worry about. What are the odds you will get hit by a meteorite? Not real likely. But what are the stakes if you do? The stakes are so high that it makes me want to wear a hard hat and carry a chromed Steel Umbrella. Seriously, the thought of any of my family getting caught in a home invasion make me want to mount a Ma Deuce at every window. I can say it probably won't ever happen. I can also apply that same logic to wearing Seat Belts. The one time you need it pays for all the BS of having to buckle up every time you get in the car.
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    If she is 18 or over, she can own a handgun bought from a private person or gifted. The two major universities, KU & K-State are "gun free zones". So she could not have it on campus legally. She could have it off campus in her home. KS has constitutional carry, but she must be 21 to legally carry a handgun. UPDATE: All KS universities have an exemption until 2017. At that time they can prohibit firearms only in buildings protected by metal detectors, x-ray machines and guards. They are crying the blues now about what to do as they cannot afford to protect over 200 buildings at KU, in that manner. They think they can get the law changed, good luck. Even they admit there will be some carry on campus.
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