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  • 1965Jeff1965Jeff Posts: 1,650 Senior Member
    Two years ago in Colorado a group of us were on atvs traveling on a mining trail when the lead guy disappeared after we rounded a curve, he hit some loose talus and went off the edge of the world. Fortunately he abandoned ship off the atv and it went straight down into a group of pine trees. If it hadn't hit that tree she would have gone a freaking mile. After almost 3 hours of winching we recovered the bike which started up and limped back the way we came, Polaris atvs are tough.

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  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Posts: 2,725 Senior Member
    I'm as SOUTHERN as you can be! Twelve-thirteen generations! Registered and with Papers! And guess what.....I ain't eat'en no possum! Filth isn't adequate to describe 'em!
  • FisheadgibFisheadgib Posts: 5,797 Senior Member
    I hear ya Rich. After skinning a few racoons, I'd have a hard time eating one of those greasy little buggers either regardless of how good some folks say they are.
    snake284 wrote: »
    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
  • Hondo341Hondo341 Posts: 448 Member
    So, I guess I will have to remove the Saber-Tooth Possum hunt from my to do list.
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  • NNNN Posts: 25,236 Senior Member
    cpj wrote: »
    I've eaten one ****. It WAS greasy. But it was tasty, like a pot roast. I'd probably try it again, but make sure I got every DROP of fat off before cooking. I bit into a bit of fat while eating it, and, yeah. Bleh. Also I would grill it, or make sure to cook it In a manner where the drippings would....drip. Not collect and stew the critter in its own juices.
    But as for possums, NO. Ain't eating one of those. They are gross enough, more so after witnessing them eating the side out of a dead bloated calf.

    Skin a **** cold as possible with out freezing it; then have the carcass real cold to harden the fat, cut all fat off as possible----be sure and get the sent glands
    near the neck fat and under the front legs [pits], then clean out the fat pocket and the same glands in the pocket in the rear legs [thigh].

    Now roast it with carrots, onions, celery and such as you want not potatoes as the vegs are just for flavor and to absorb grease----use a nesco roaster or make a foil pouch in a roasting pan. Cook slow until the meat wants to
    fall off the bones. Maybe add a little water to the bottom of the pan in the roaster.

    I've eaten dozens of them before the rabies issue got so bad.
  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    We have coons come up on the porch scrounging for food also but they don't get the broom and bucket treatment, the get lead poisoning. A possum is pretty easy to catch (since here we don't have those NZ fast and willy ones) but you try to face off a big buck **** or mama w/ kits and you go a fight with rabies possibly in the mix. The little masked bandits maybe cute but with animals and such they aren't welcome near the house.
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  • zorbazorba Posts: 25,281 Senior Member
    Mighty fine eatin' there, son. Possum stew!
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
  • FreezerFreezer Posts: 2,753 Senior Member
    zorba wrote: »
    Mighty fine eatin' there, son. Possum stew!

    I might be bold and I might be brave but....you're first.
    I like Elmer Keith; I married his daughter :wink:
  • zorbazorba Posts: 25,281 Senior Member
    Freezer wrote: »
    I might be bold and I might be brave but....you're first.
    Naw, I'm just makin' noise - although I actually *would* try it. If it was greasy, I probably couldn't eat a lot of it, but I'd give it a shot.
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    One of my granddads would put dead possums out on top of the trashcans for the collectors in the 50s and 60s and they sure appreciated it. It was also said he sawed off several of the first parking meters put up in Fort Myers with a hacksaw! Called them all a bunch of Damn Communists :mad::mad::angry::angry: :roll2::roll2: :roll2:
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
    Words of wisdom from Big Chief: Flush twice, it's a long way to the Mess Hall
    I'd rather have my sister work in a whorehouse than own another Taurus!
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