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hull loosing primer when fired?

sarg1csarg1c Posts: 1,707 Senior Member
Well while down at the restaurant drinking coffee with the guys, one of them produced a 7mm-08 HULL WITH OUT A PRIMER, NEW REM 700, NEW REM AMMO After extracting hull, had to shake primer from actiom...what gives.. This is the third hull like this. Is it headspace, or bad hulls. How did primer get out of hull. No smoke on hull except where primer came out. ???


  • NNNN Posts: 25,236 Senior Member
    Call REM with lot #; they will make good on the ammo.
  • earlyearly Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    Probly bad ammo.

    Impossible to gauge headspace in ciber space.
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  • jbohiojbohio Posts: 5,619 Senior Member
    Sure it's a 7-08?
  • 41magnut41magnut Posts: 1,306 Senior Member
    NN wrote: »
    Call REM with lot #; they will make good on the ammo.

    OEM factories make mistakes just like anybody.

    I have found anomalies in Speer Gold Dot and Federal HST factory ammo (1 each) over the past 15 years or so.

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  • TeachTeach Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Headspace problems cause cases to separate just ahead of the extractor groove. Primer pocket expansion is a result of massive overpressure. Stop shooting that ammo and call the manufacturer. They will probably send you a shipping label to return the damaged cases and the unfired rounds.

    Here's an example of going just a bit too far with load development on a wildcat cartridge:


  • JayJay Posts: 4,629 Senior Member
    Thought we were gonna be talking about fired shotgun shells........:jester:

    Very well could be overpressure, as the others pointed out.
  • jbohiojbohio Posts: 5,619 Senior Member
    jbohio wrote: »
    Sure it's a 7-08?

    What I'm saying is, make sure some kind of screw up didn't happen......like his rifle is a 7RM, or a 308, or a 260.......something along those lines.
    Stranger things have happened, than a salesman giving someone the wrong product.
  • sarg1csarg1c Posts: 1,707 Senior Member
    All I saw was just one of the hulls 7mm-08 Rem. I'll be down to the restaurant in the morning all maybe he will have the rifle and he should bring me one of the hulls.still don't understand how primer got out of the hull with bolt closed May be so loose primer fell out when ejected....I couldn't see this much headspaceing..This is a new rifle and marked 7mm-08.ALSO NEW AMMO with three doing this. I would have stopped with first round., still any of the .308/30-06 spinoff round the bolt should have held the primer in the hull. Now remember, I just quoting this guy. I'll find out what really happened...Barrel could be marked wrong.
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