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Sig P227 - Mec-Gar 14 round .45 acp mag problems

bowserbbowserb MemberPosts: 277 Member
Anyone here have one and have or solved the feeding problems with the 14 round .45acp extended mags?

Mec-Gar is the one and only manufacturer, so it isn't like one can try another brand. Somewhere along the way a minor design change was supposed to fix it, and even has a new part number, but my Sig friends tell me they're still not fixed. "Nosediving" and other feeding issues are the common complaint. I've had the problem only twice, but frankly I haven't shot the 14 round mags enough to reach any conclusion, as it seems many have to "break in" before they "break." And, of course, any malfunction makes a gun questionable for service or self defense. The standard 10 round mags have been reliable, but also being Mec-Gar, I'm less than confident, so I no longer carry the P227. It's disappointing that Sig's customer service has added to the problem with denials that there is a defect, requiring proof of purchase, and even claiming only a 30 day return policy. This is easily the best shooting .45 I've had, and it's my only "upscale" handgun, but I can't really afford to have many occasional "range toys."
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,398 Senior Member
    Don't have one of those pistols, and don't like Mec-Gar magazines; sometimes the Mec-Gar magazines work and sometimes they don't. As to the nosediving situation, without seeing the feeding issue, I'd make a guess that the feed lips are retaining the cartridge too long making it tip nose down on feeding. There are two fixes for that, and depend on the room available between the slide and top of magazine. If room is available then both feed lips can be bent up slightly in front to release the cartridge sooner. Sometimes it works, and you have to tweak a bit and shoot several times, and watch for slide drag on the feed lips. Other solution when room to bend feed lips is unavailable is to file the feed lips evenly on each side to release the cartridge sooner. It also requires going slow, filing a few passes on each side from front to about 1/3 back and shooting to see if the problem is corrected, and repeat to get the cartridge to release at the right time. Both methods can be a major pain, and bending the feed lips is especially annoying as they can break. Use padded needle nose pliers to do the bending; duct tape on the plier jaws is your friend here.
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