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Two deputies get killed and it doesn't make the news!

FisheadgibFisheadgib Senior MemberPosts: 5,797 Senior Member
If an officer shoots someone or if a shooting is even remotely questionable, the media has a field day trying to spin it into looking like another renegade cop was just trigger happy. When an officer tries a peaceful approach and gets murdered as a result, it aparently isn't news worthy. I just happened accross this article by chance and hadn't seen anything about it on the news or in our paper.
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For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me


  • Elk creekElk creek Senior Member Posts: 7,415 Senior Member
    It doesn't fit their agenda....prayers for the family of the officers. Let the coyotes have the shooter!
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  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Senior Member Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    It made our local news Wednesday early evening news but it sure didn't hit the big alphabet channels until late or Thursday AM and then nothing in depth. Now they are on the shooter's past and such so they can twist it into a crazy person with a gun and forget the death of 2 LEOs.
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  • horselipshorselips Senior Member Posts: 3,628 Senior Member
    I heard, on the news no less, about 2 Sheriff's deputies and the suspect being killed, but the story in the link is useless. Aside from 'Maryland,' there is no information regarding the location - no county or city - a very poor bit of journalism. Whatever happened to who, what, where, how, why, etc.
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 12,190 Senior Member
    I heard a mention on the news and that was it. Have not been able to learn much more.
    Kind of surprised the antis havent used the event to make a anti gun statement
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  • BAMAAKBAMAAK Senior Member Posts: 4,484 Senior Member
    There have been 5 cops killed in the last week, 8 total for 2016 so far and yea, you hear next to nothing. Sad.
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,146 Senior Member
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,146 Senior Member
    Been on the local news here, too.
  • earlyearly Senior Member Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    An officer here in the city of Grand Junction was killed recently also. He tried to effect an arrest on a fleeing suspect using a taser gun, and was shot by said suspect resulting in fatal injury.

    No link, it's in the local news.
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  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    I saw this on a link for Internet news report.

    Prayers sent.

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