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Here's your sign!

Jeff in TXJeff in TX Senior MemberPosts: 2,054 Senior Member
Reading the the thread on the .270 reminded me of an episode that happened at the local range a few years ago. My youngest son and I were at the range shooting a few of our rifles. My son had his old Rem 700 .270 win. He was shooting some of his hand loads. Some of his cases were .270, some were 25-06 and the others were 30-06 neck up or down for .270. Here's were it went sideways really quick and goes beyond funny!

Like most folks at the range everyone likes to check out what everyone else is shooting. This guy in his mid 30's was checking out my son's rifle and set up and noticed the box of ammo with the different calibers on the cartridges. As my son fed each of the different printed cartridges into his rifle and fired they guy was like woe what kind of gun are you shooting? My son simply replied a Rem 700. The guy said yeah I can see that but your shooting three different cartridges. My son never misses an opportunity to mess with someone when the opportunity presents its self. Without skipping a beat my son said that's Remington's new Tri-caliber 700! Unreal the guy said and brought his buddies over to check it out. Before long he had half the range marveling at his new 700 tri-caliber. I just looked at him with a smile and said seriously! He was relishing in the moment.

Finally the guy in the stall to the left of him was getting annoyed at everyone crowding around. He looked at my son and said are you going to tell them or do I. To which my son held his finger up to his lips to shush the other shooter and said, oh come on this is too funny. Just wait till they start calling Remington and asking where they can get the new tri-calibers 700. During all this some were asking what other caliber combinations do they or would they be offering. The guy next to him finally spoiled my son's fun and told them the benefits of hand loading.

During the drive home,my son said something along the lines he couldn't believe how cynical some of these shooters could be! HERE'S YOUR SIGN!
Distance is not an issue, but the wind can make it interesting!

John 3: 1-21


  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 7,823 Senior Member
    I want one, too!!

    That there is funny!
  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Senior Member Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    That is so wrong ... and I can't wait to finish my AR in .260. Let's see ... it will take .243, 7mm-08, .308 and .338 along with .260.
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  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Isn't that the one with the rubber barrel that expands and contracts to fit the bullet?
  • HAWKENHAWKEN Senior Member Posts: 1,720 Senior Member
    I have a model 700 Remington .243 that shoots 308's and a model 600 Remington 6mm that shoots 257 Roberts, LMAO........robin
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  • zorbazorba Senior Member Posts: 23,640 Senior Member
    Snort! :rotflmao:

    Should have told them that he wanted the model that shot .17HMR, .300 Win, and .50 BMG but it was too expensive so he had to settle for "this one". :devil:
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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »
    Isn't that the one with the rubber barrel that expands and contracts to fit the bullet?

    Naw man, that's ol fashion. They don't use rubber anymore! They got a new super duper Synthetic Kevlar expandable molecular compound. And one of the benefits is it is pre broken in. I know cpj and jayhawker will want to be the first on the forum to get one. This new technology is right up there with sky hooks and striped paint. Just think of it, no more having to feed all them chipmonks and clean their cage!!!

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  • Jeff in TXJeff in TX Senior Member Posts: 2,054 Senior Member
    I think that new expanding barrel technology is made by the folks who make the expandable hose!
    Distance is not an issue, but the wind can make it interesting!

    John 3: 1-21
  • bobbyrlf3bobbyrlf3 Senior Member Posts: 2,543 Senior Member
    That's good fun :applause:
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