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Trail cameras- slightly different 'angle'

bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
I didn't want to hi-jack the other game camera thread, but I have questions along different subject lines.

I have had game cameras, and I know pretty much how the different features work, so I don't really need a discussion of that. What I would like to figure out is which particular ones have a good record of reliability. I've read hundreds of reviews on a dozen different models, but have yet to figure out which one to buy.

All I care about is proper function of the date/time, good enough image quality to spot a legal (in Texas-13" spread) deer, and the ability to set the interval. Mainly, I want one with properly functioning motion detection, and the ability to set at about 1 minute intervals. I'm looking for somebody to say, "I've used several of these over the years, and every one has worked, as advertised.

I want to spend about $100, or less (much less is even better), and I would like to try one that doesn't flash. The old Moultrie I had worked fine for the 4 years I used it, before it was stolen, and it did flash. I still got plenty of pictures, so I don't know if it really matters that much. I could spend more, for a really 'guaranteed' type of reliability, but I just hate to because I'll be on a new lease and don't yet know very much about the likelihood of theft.


  • Jeff in TXJeff in TX Posts: 2,641 Senior Member
    I have all Primo's Truth & Proof game cameras, different versions over the years from 6 to 12 megapixels. They're probably the simplest to set up and configure, program the clock and date, just a flew slide switches for the type of pictures/video and duration for what you want and you're done. Easy peasy! Having said that I tried and gave up the video feature real quick as it sounded like a great idea when I got the cameras. You can chew up an entire 4G or 8G SD card in a few nights of heavy critters coming into a feeder. This is what happened to me. Plus the batteries were toast after three weeks. The Primo's have a burst mode where they'll take X number of pics in burst instead of a video. That helped some with storage and battery life, but looking through all of the burst mode pictures got old quickly.

    Now I have them all set single picture mode every minute. The deer and hogs will always stay for at least 10 to 15 min so I get pics of all of them and the picture quality is great. The Proof cameras are under $100 bucks and they do set up and work very well.


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  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    Thanks, Jeff. That is exactly the kind of reply I was looking for. I'm not interested in video, for now. If you have had several and they all worked well, that is the most important recommendation, to me. I'll look into them a little more seriously.

    Anybody else?
  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    I'm a fan of the browning cameras. they have the option of adding a cable lock to them to make them more difficult to steal

    My thinking is that if the thief is not stupid, he will destroy the camera, anyway, because he will know that his picture is on it.
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