Yay or nay: 686-3 for $650



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    No, the Marlin is $660, the Rugers were 700-999, the most expensive being a .243 with a Leupold VX. All of them looked mint though.

    S&W L frames are fantastic. Like I said, mine is the blued version, the Original 586 and is solid as a rock. I bought it in '83 for $300. I am no hand gun expert or real accurate with them, but this one I can shoot. I had a Hiway Patrolman friend polish it out real smooth when I first had it. It lowered the double action pull about a good one third and the trigger on single action is crips as a fresh Lay's Potato Chip. It is just so sweet. And I've got a friend that has a 6" just like it that's never been worked over and it's even more accurate. L frames are like Early said, the high point of revolver evolution. Send one to a custom shop and it will rival the Python any day.
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