Heart Surgery part two.

tubabucknuttubabucknut BannedPosts: 3,520 Senior Member
We had our consult with the interventional Cardiologist on Wed. The Cath lab is a go. My daughter's surgery is scheduled for the 16th of Aug. If this goes well all she has to do is pass a sleep study, and she decanulates. If the cath procedure fails she will need full blown heart surgery. Cracked sternum, stopped heart, and all. That is some scary stuff I tell you what. Prayers as always are appreciated.
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    You've got it.
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    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts. It leads to boring, completely objective conversations well beyond the comprehension ability of many.
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,429 Senior Member
    Been there, in 1979. My daughter had an atrial-septal defect repaired out in San Francisco.
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  • tubabucknuttubabucknut Banned Posts: 3,520 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »
    Been there, in 1979. My daughter had an atrial-septal defect repaired out in San Francisco.

    Thanks guys

    Teach, that is exactly what we are having repaired.
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    :angel2: :angel2:
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
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    On the way, :angel2: :angel2:

    Nothing affects me more than a sick or hurt child.

  • earlyearly Senior Member Posts: 4,950 Senior Member
    I hope it goes well.
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  • FlashoverFlashover Member Posts: 390 Member
    Thoughts and prayers from my family to yours.
  • ilove22silove22s Senior Member Posts: 1,110 Senior Member
    dont know how your sisters health is to begin with but some comments.

    also, best of luck for you and your family.

    a really good friend of mine had i think 4 stints installed in his heart about 20 years ago.

    last year he had to go under the knife and a quad by-pass. not bad for 20 years of service, but sometimes if you dont take care of yourself, life has a way to catching up and reminding you that things need to change. Anyway, he out and about within a month or so. Hand limited duty and was told not to lift anything more than 5 lbs and had his daughter drive him around.

    but as i say, everyday you live, they are making improvements in many things health related. Id rather have to do it now than 20 or so years ago.

    once i get back from my vac i will have my other eye done for cataract surgery. my other eye took more time for the prep than it did for the actual surgery. really fast now and fast healing since they do it all via needle.

    again, best of luck to you and your family.
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,205 Senior Member
    Thoughts and prayers out to you and yours...
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  • bhl2506bhl2506 Senior Member Posts: 1,847 Senior Member
    :angel2::angel2: Prayers sent for your little girl!
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  • tubabucknuttubabucknut Banned Posts: 3,520 Senior Member
    Thanks for the thoughts and kind word gentlemen.
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  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,409 Senior Member
    :angel2::angel2: Prayers for Her and family from us.
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 19,009 Senior Member
    With the advances in medicine, the procedure will probably be harder on you & your wife (waiting) than it will be on your daughter.

    Prayers for you all :angel:
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  • TrueTone911TrueTone911 Senior Member Posts: 6,081 Senior Member
    We will be praying for a successful cath procedure for sure. Prayers for comfort and strength for Mom and Dad as well!
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    Still Praying for her, she has been on my daily list since you first asked.
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  • tubabucknuttubabucknut Banned Posts: 3,520 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    With the advances in medicine, the procedure will probably be harder on you & your wife (waiting) than it will be on your daughter.

    Prayers for you all :angel:

    Thanks again all.

    Knite you are so right. Her longest procedure to date, was her diaphragmatic hernia repair. That one was less than an hour. That was nerve racking enough. This one is expected to last 2 hours without complications. The cardiologist says it will be a little tricky. Her ASD is not just one hole, it is like swiss cheese he said. At least three larger holes, and several smaller holes. He thinks he will have to place two devices. He gave us a brief history of the process, and it has come a long way.
    It's because I hate Trump.
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