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Coyote hunt

JayJay Posts: 4,628 Senior Member
Wasn't going to post, because there's not much too it as hunts go. But since I mentioned it in my range report thread, figured I'd share. The coyotes were very active yesterday afternoon when I was out there. Apparently, they sleep in on Sunday's...

I first went to a spot I visited yesterday and heard some coyotes. That's where I went to chronograph the 22 ammo. Figured Id do some calling before I started shooting. Parked the truck in a low spot surrounded by mesquite bush sand dunes. Walked off a bit and got up on a mesquite bush mound and started calling. Nothing. Went and did my chronograph work.

When I was done with that, went to where I was target shooting yesterday. I heard coyotes calling from 3 different places there yesterday. Same setup. Hide the truck, walk, get on a hill and hide in a mesquite bush and call. Nothing.

There's some old cattle pens and chutes down the road. Decided to go down there and look around. The old cattle loading chute and ramp stands about 4 feet off the ground and has pipe rails about 6 feet above that on each side. Solid wood floor. Figured I'd set up on that and call some.

Parked the truck and the two cups of coffee and bottle of Powerade were talking to me. Got out of the truck and put the 39a on the tool box for a minute, then picked it up and walked to the fence to find my best route through the barbed wire to the chute. Look up and see a LARGE coyote casually trotting away at 175 yards. Put the 39a up on a fence post, give it some hold over and let one go. Heard impact, didn't see dust. The coyote squatted and bolted. Ran the lever gun and fired two more rounds at it. First just in front of it. Second perfect lead but about 2 feet low. And with that, it was gone into the brush.

Not knowing if I had hit it on the first shot or not, I made my way to where it was when I fired the first shot. Found its tracks and saw in the sand exactly where it went from a trot to a sprint. No blood. Followed the tracks several hundred yards. Nothing. Headed back to the truck.

That was one of the largest and darkest colored coyotes I've seen out here. Going to have to try some afternoon hunts in that area before too long. And remember my scoped pistol holster so I can carry the Encore too.


  • JayJay Posts: 4,628 Senior Member
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  • 1965Jeff1965Jeff Posts: 1,650 Senior Member
    Take'm where you find'em , if you knocked a chunk off that far out- that was a heck of a shot!

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  • JayJay Posts: 4,628 Senior Member
    1965Jeff wrote: »
    Take'm where you find'em , if you knocked a chunk off that far out- that was a heck of a shot!

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    Had I grabbed my AR like I almost did, it would have been a done deal. But I was doing the 22 thing today. Had plenty of time on the first shot. Yote was not moving out very fast. Heard the bullet hit, but could not tell if it was a hit on the yote. No splash visible. Second two I saw dirt splashes letting me know I missed. Oh well. Love and learn. He'll be a wiser dog next time, I'm sure...
  • JayJay Posts: 4,628 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    Doesn't sound like the "best" hunt, but I'm sure you'll agree it's better than a "good" day at work.

    That is a fact. Had I ate breakfast before I went and if I didn't have stuff to do, I'd have been out there all day....
  • JayJay Posts: 4,628 Senior Member
    I did shoot a cottontail. Guess if I was hungry enough, would have made a nice brunch. Still too warm here for doing much with rabbits. But, the coyotes might like the meal... :devil:
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