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Knife Fighters...the most dangerous type of Mall Ninja...

joseph06joseph06 MemberPosts: 133 Member
So, I guess the title expresses my thoughts pretty thoroughly. Over the last few months, I've gotten in to well made knives, largely because I broke a cheap folder my last deployment, and I got annoyed when a knive won't hold an edge doing things you can reasonably expect a knife to do, like cut open boxes or gut a catfish.

In thought, the notion of a "tactical folder" sits well with me--that's a knife a I can clip on and trust that if I take it to war, it will work dirty, keep an edge, and won't break if I have to moderately abuse it (using it like a screwdriver, splitting wood, prying open a stuck ammo can). For my personal use, the biggest thing I care about is can I open it with one hand, and cut lose my seatbelt harness if I'm upside down in a burning jet that I need to get out of. Yet, it seems like I can't go looking for a knife review online, or look at the folders at the local sporting goods store, without someone talking about "edged weapons," or telling me that a serrated edge isn't good for self defense (I don't care--it is good for cutting zip ties, rope, and cardboard---I've got a gun for self defense!!!) Frankly, enough people get killed with screw drivers and cheap kitchen knives that I'm pretty sure that if I had to, I could use any knife as a weapon--and if I ever found myself in that position, I wouldn't care if it got dull, or the tip broke off.

I guess the point of this whole rant is that knives are very useful tools, and I appreciate the mechanical concepts of a well made folder. I like sharpening knives, and I've been known to whittle when I'm bored. Yes, I carry a knife opposite my CCW in the event I ever got in to a weapon retention scenario, but when I hear guys saying how they train for blade combat every day, or that a particular blade shape is bad because it isn't ideal to slicing through arteries, I can't help but roll my eyes.

End rant...


  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Good points all! If a scumbag gets close enough that I need to use a blade for self defense, he's going to have to wait until I run out of ammo. I keep a small lockback in my pocket for day-to-day use, and it gets abused about as much as it gets used for its intended purpose. I have to resharpen it pretty often because most of the cutting it does is on things that tend to roll the edge over. I also peel gaskets, scrape battery cable terminals and skin wire insulation, etc. with it. I've got some excellent-quality blades for field dressing deer and other purposes that demand a razor edge, both fixed-blade and folders, but for everyday carry the little one works very well.
  • BufordBuford Senior Member Posts: 6,721 Senior Member
    I am fond of Kershaw knives myself.

    I have Tactical knives, offensive knives ,defensive knives, barbecue knives, even have Sunday go to meeting knives.:jester:
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  • SlanteyedshootistSlanteyedshootist Senior Member Posts: 3,947 Senior Member
    Knives are one of the most useful tools out there. That being said, I have way too many of them.
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  • TSchubTSchub Senior Member Posts: 783 Senior Member
    I don't care if it's a Case folder, or the latest and greatest, whizbang, tanto point, tactical, U.S.M.C. approved ninja knife, I don't want to have an unpleasant encounter with either one. Mall ninja's drive me nuts anyway, no matter what they are talking about.
  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 9,515 Senior Member
    I will agree with the ninjas on one point, unless you're cutting bagels, serrations suck. Keep your damn knife sharp, and you won't need them.

    Historically, I've really liked Spydercos. They've always been good dependable knives that were reasonably priced until recently. Lately, they seem to have delusion of grandeur - saw a 1.5" keyring folder with a plastic handle at a gun show yesterday with an $80 price tag on it. I guess you need triple retention sheaths to keep anything nicer than a plastic picnic knife from falling out of your pocket these days.

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  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 2,449 Senior Member
    Love having my pocket folder with me. Very useful.

    This is a tell on me. I would love to have a pocket folder or multi-tool, with a pry bar. I occasionally get a case of the stupids and have broken a knife point and the file on my Leatherman for not thinking first. I usually remember I shouldn't as the thing snaps. Certainly someone can figure out a use or two for a prybar/something in a folder or multi-tool.
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  • joseph06joseph06 Member Posts: 133 Member
    Bigslug, I love Spyderco's and they are what got me in to serrated edges. I don't care for the combo edge knives, but a fully serrated edge is really good for aggressive cutting on rope, cloth, plastic, or whatever. I've got one (Spyderco Endura) that I don't carry every day, but I'm glad I've got it For dail use, I carry a plane edge Benchmade at work (because it was free, and I can get another one if I lose it) but for camping/backing or carry around town, I've usually got a Spyderco on me. The Delica, is in my mind, the ultimate every day use pocket knife--the trick with Spyderco is to find some place that isn't marking them up near MSRP. The Delica is a 50 dollar knife in VG-10, at most, and the Endura is 80 dollar knife in the same steel, I would say.
  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Posts: 10,749 Senior Member
    I carry two blades. A CRKT M16 for emergency purposes, so I want it scary sharp all of the time. To keep it sharp, I also carry Gerber EAB for everyday use. 25x faster to replace the blade than sharpen it......

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  • HAWKENHAWKEN Senior Member Posts: 1,720 Senior Member
    I have a Gerber Easy Out that I carried, on duty, for 36 years. It is still my daily carry knife. It has a half serated edge, because that is the only way they came. It works wonders for cutting seat belts. It has good steel and will hold an edge for a long time. Hunting, I usually carry a Gerber Gator. Another knife with good steel, and a handle that does not slip with blood on your hands....Robin
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  • bmlbml Senior Member Posts: 1,075 Senior Member
    I use one of these. If it breaks, no big deal. When it gets dull, I replace the blades for another one that cost $.10.

  • BufordBuford Senior Member Posts: 6,721 Senior Member
    bml wrote: »
    I use one of these. If it breaks, no big deal. When it gets dull, I replace the blades for another one that cost $.10.


    I have those at work. I'm just wondering what LE opinion would be on carrying a razor cutter??
    Just look at the flowers Lizzie, just look at the flowers.
  • bmlbml Senior Member Posts: 1,075 Senior Member
    I'm not sure elsewhere, but here, It's no biggie.
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,176 Senior Member
    I have a cheap folder with serrations I found at the road side hardware store, a Fireman's knife so it says. And the serrations are good for rough cutting cardboard. The edge gets dull looking at it.
  • gatorgator Senior Member Posts: 1,746 Senior Member
    My daily carry knife is a CRKT M16
    USMC 80-84
    -96 lbs
  • joseph06joseph06 Member Posts: 133 Member
    I used to love CRKT folders, because the ergonomics of the grips are generally good, the blade flipper is fast, and their liner locks are pretty beefy. But, they don't make any knives in a really good steel--I think most of their blades are AUS8, which is a lot softer and more prone to edge rolling and chipping than something like 154cm, VG-10, or s30v as used by Benchmade and Spyderco on their higher end knives.
  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Posts: 6,020 Senior Member
    I carry my Benchmade Griptilian EVERYWHERE unless I fly. I'm thinking of buying a second one to shove onto my MOLLE gear, just in case. GREAT knife.

    I also prefer a straight edge. I've never had much problem cutting cardboard or zip-ties with it. That's just me.
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