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Last weekend, end of the moose hunt

TurdusMerulaTurdusMerula Posts: 362 Member
Ok this is it. Our moose hunt for this season is over. Last weekend we got our last three moose downed. Now we have used all our licences.

It was my turn to get my piece of the bad luck. On saturday it was a great, sunny day. I was standing on my stand and we had orders to shoot adult cows without any calves, for which we had two licences left. The I see as a lonely calf walks towards me and stops in front of me. 20 yards away from me. We look each other for about 30 seconds until I tell her to walk away. She leaves walking. three minutes later I hear from my radio that you can shoot the lonely calf as probably it doesn't survive winter without it's mother. ****. Ten minutes later I hear a shot and hear that calf is down. No luck on that then.

On afternoon's drive I get an excellent stand and after waiting I hear my hunting buddy a few hundred yards away on my radio telling me to be ready as there's a cow and a calf coming towards me. Soon they come out from the forest in to the field where I was. They stop but I can't shoot as there's not safe background where they are standing. In a few seconds they move about 40 yards at an angle that brings them for a place where I can shoot at them safely. I was in kneeling position as the distance was about 150 yards. I steady my cross hair for the high impact to the spine. I pulled the trigger and same goes as couple of weeks ago: click! Those damned CCI primers fail me again. I reload but calf and cow hear my loading and are on full throttle. Forest is closing in fast as I try desperate shot at the calf. Missed, my second miss this year... Both after the miss fire. Bloody nerves of mine. To angry for the follow up.

My advice: Never, ever buy CCI primers. Today I pulled out my bullets and powder from my hunting ammo and checked if the primers work. Every one of them fired... I reloaded 50 ammo for the hunting and 2 were misfires. Thats 4% failure rate. Too much in the woods aiming for the big game. Never again.

On sunday it was a cold day. Below freezing point and a very strong wind. Now we had to find another calf and a cow as we shot that calf on saturday. Here you can switch your adult license to two calves. In about two hours after the drive started I hear two shots. Cow is down.
In the afternoon we are standing in the windy field with my dad. He's about 200 yards from me. We had calf on the drive and suddenly I hear branches snapping behind me. There it it. Coming down from the hill but it notices me before it comes to the field. Takes a turn towards my dad's stand and disappears behind the trees. I couldn't shoot as there was a sky behind her and I can't send bullets towards the sky because of the safety. In about a minute I hear my dad's Tikka firing. Only one shot and my father on the radio: "Calf took a somersault and is down". That was our last moose for this season.

And what a season for me and my dad. Our hunting entourage shot seventeen moose. Six of them by me and my father. Four for my father and two for me. Now some deer hunting for the rest of the season.

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