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How, when, why did you start hunting?



  • therewolftherewolf Posts: 90 Member
    With my Daisy Model 25 BB rifle, when I was @8, on the family property,

    as pest control. Probably had as much fun then, as if I went on an African

    Safari, now.
  • JeeperJeeper Posts: 2,954 Senior Member
    snake284 wrote: »
    Hey, those were the good ol' days. I remember in the 50s and 60s kids driving to school in a pickup with a gun rack in the back window with a .30-30 or something in it. No stupid panic, it's what we did. It was our lifestyle and nobody got killed. You bad mouthed the second amendment you got your ass whupped!!!

    It was still like that in rural counties here in Florida back in '82-~'85. I'm pretty sure by ~'88 I no longer saw any trucks with rifles in the backs at high schools.

    I started shooting at ~7 yrs old. Didn't start hunting (squirrels) til about twice that age, and started deer hunting at about 16 thanks to my Uncle. My dad was never into hunting.

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  • Ross280Ross280 Posts: 43 Member
    Riding on my dad's shoulders for small game early 60s', only because the brush was taller then I was. Then I graduated to be "the dog" like mentioned above, jumping on brush piles etc.. I don't remember how dad could shoot with my leg hanging down over his right shoulder?
  • Diver43Diver43 Posts: 12,757 Senior Member
    Growing up, nobody had guns or hunted. Only gun I shot before joining the Army was a friends 12 gauge in the woods behind his house.
    In boot camp I fired a rifle for the very first time, maybe not already knowing how I paid attention to the instructors and did my best to copy exactly what they did.
    After arriving at Ft. Lewis, Wa. I got with some guys that hunted, purchased my first rifle a Winchester 30-30 and we hit the woods on weekends. Never shot anything though. Next year my then Father in Law took me to purchase a used rifle, it was an old .303 British. The next year He told me exactly where to wait and that several elk would show up. He warned me to wait as the smaller ones came out first. Well I thought I waited and the 4th elk fell to a borrowed .300 Savage from about 50 paces from the tree I sat against, just like he said they would. Of course being unskilled and never having killed anything larger than a small deer, I had a heck of a time getting that elk gutted and quartered and into his truck. When I showed up at the house everyone laughed and took me out back and hosed me down to get off most of the blood. Virgil then laid out the butcher paper and began to make roasts and steaks then meat for burger from my elk. It was not near as big as I thought. He kind of balled me out for not waiting. He informed me that I shot the middle son, not dad or grand dad that would have showed up if I had not fired when I did. He pointed out what I did right and wrong in getting my elk out and told me where I should have cut instead. The next year me and his daughter got divorced and I PCS'd to Korea. Never did any hunting again until a few years ago when I started hunting hogs here in Florida.
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