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What's the Hardest, Meanest Recoing thing you ever shot? Tenn Mike's 50 not included?

snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
What's the hardest recoiling rifle or shotgun you ever shot? Tennmike's 50 or similar firearms not included. They're more of a specialty gun and most have a huge brake also.

The hardest kicking thing I ever shot is a draw between an old falling block or rolling block, not sure which, Remington or Sharps or something like that, in 45-70 and a 12 ga. 870 with 3 inch slugs. Both woke me up big time. The old 45-70 about screwed me into the ground. It really kicked me in a semi circle. The 12 gauge 870 with slugs pounded hell out of me. I shot it three times and gave it back to the guy and said here, you can have this thing. Talk about abuse!
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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    The .458 Win Mag I bought off of Buford takes the cake for me and that **only** shooting the 350 gr. projectiles. I had also loaded up some 500 grainers shortly after I got the gun. After shooting the 350 grainers, the 500's have not left the shelf.
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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Posts: 8,609 Senior Member
    45-70 revolver or the 454 Casull revolver

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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Posts: 8,337 Senior Member
    A T/C Contender in .45-70. Narsty.
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  • snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    So far the 45-70s have it. But I have heard way too much about rifles such as the .458 Win. .458 Lott, and that beast of beasts the 460 Weatherby. I have a buddy that shoots whitetail with his 375 H&H with 300 grain bullets. I ask him why the overkill? He says, and I quote, "I don't like to see em run away!" Urgggg!!!
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • breamfisherbreamfisher Posts: 14,114 Senior Member
    TennMike's .50's an easy shooting rifle. Really.

    Rifle: JBOhio's .450 Marlin Guide Gun. I almost didn't shoot all 5 rounds through it.

    Handgun: Knitepoet's .45-70 Contender with his "OMG" loads. When you can feel the grip compressing and the frame hitting your hand, it's not so fun.
  • TeachTeach Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    I've shot Mike's Big .50, and Knitepoet's .45-70 Contender, and neither of them really gave me much of a problem. However- - - - - -three rounds of 3 1/2" 12 gauge turkey shells through an Undertaker choke from a Mossberg 835 made me put the gun away and sell it two years later for a small loss just to get rid of it. That thing was nasty! I even filled the hollow plastic stock with about 2 pounds of #8 lead shot, and things didn't improve noticeably!
  • ADRidgeADRidge Posts: 173 Member
    Buford's hot 500 S&W loads were easily the hottest damn thing I've ever fired in my life. .45-70 isn't bad at all, I don't see what all the fuss is about. And that's out of either a Marlin guide gun or a 28" single shot octagonal bbl. I did shoot a .444 Marlin that really turned me off of leverguns for a few years. That thing was nasty, but mostly because of the thin buttplate.
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  • snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    I've shot one other 45-70. It was a replica Sharps a guy had at the gun range. It didn't kick bad at all. But this guy, who I now know must have been insane probably had a double hot load in it and it's a wonder it didn't take my head off. That was about 22 years back and since I have been caustious to shoot someone's big and old rifles. Some people think they're immortal. Some people are out to prove I'm Immortal. Also, it had a lot to do no doubt the way it was built with a whole lot of drop in the butt stock and it kicked up and around. It wasn't playing either.
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    Yeah that's why i disqualified it from this poll. I knew someone that has been to a SE shoot might say Tennmike's 50. But with that massive brake and weight it is a cat. I loved shooting it. I think I even hit the Tannerite.
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • Bham ShooterBham Shooter Posts: 609 Senior Member
    Bigboreshooter's (at the time, I think he has since traded it) .45-70. I think I only shot about 6-8 rounds and I had a bruised shoulder for over a week.
  • wddodgewddodge Posts: 1,150 Senior Member
    I've got a 12ga coach gun with cyl bores and 3 inch chambers. All I can say is the rest of the box of 3 in slugs is still sitting on the shelf. A couple of rounds isn't too bad but by the 10th shot I was done. My shoulder was bruised for most of the week.

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  • NNNN Posts: 25,236 Senior Member
    A 10 ga double barrel that malfunctioned and fired both barrels at the same time.

    Second was a .45 colt using Grizzly +P ammo.
  • JayJay Posts: 4,629 Senior Member
    In a revolver, 300 grain 454 Casull loads.

    In a rifle, it's kindof hard to pick. 45-70 guide gun, light synthetic stock 300 win mag, 375 H&H mag. All had a different kind of recoil. Shot an Armalite AR50 several times. It's a piece of cake.
  • JermanatorJermanator Posts: 16,244 Senior Member
    Rifle-- .416 Rigby
    Handgun-- That #$&%#! .460 S&W I have now. The ones with the compensators are a breeze. That, or a scandium .357 mag with full house loads.
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  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Posts: 4,997 Senior Member
    H&R Handi in 500 S&W firing I THINK 385gr. 5 shots, I was GOOD AND DONE! Nuff of that for me. That dang handi rifle weighs LESS then the X-Frame pistols do!

    handgun, I think it was Freeze's 454. Thing was stout to say the least. Sure loved his 480 Ruger though, that thing was a breeze.
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    A Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum with factory 240 grain JHP ammo and those little silly wooden grips back in the 80s. I was station on Fort Sill OK, it was hot and I was shooting along Cache Creek. My hands were sweating and that dang thing slipped up every-time I pulled the trigger and drew blood.

    I haven't really shot many rifles that hurt, except after about 20-30 rounds through a Mosin Nagant before I bought a recoil pad that slips on to my shoulder using straps.
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  • calebibcalebib Posts: 1,701 Senior Member
    Scandium frame S&W 357 Magnum. Fired 5 shots, never again.
  • N320AWN320AW Posts: 648 Senior Member
    I've had many heavy hitters. Not only to the game, but my shoulder. Didn't use to really bother me much so here is the list:

    340 Weatherby
    375 H&H
    378 Weatherby
    416 Rigby
    458 Winchester

    Of the above, the 378 Weatherby was the most uncomfortable to shoot. This was due to the recoil velocity which was very sharp. About 10 rounds from the off-hand position and it was time to go home! Of the five, the 378 & 458 gave me a gun-headache after 10-12 shots. The rest were never any problem.

    Edit: Wambli just tweaked my brain a tad. Although I have never owned one (and wouldn't) I have fired a couple of rounds thru a Ruger #1 in 416 Rigby. What a crappy rifle for a powerful cartridge. After the first shot my trigger hand was almost away from the pistol grip. The second shot wasn't much better!
  • NCFUBARNCFUBAR Posts: 4,324 Senior Member
    First in rifle .458 Lott Winchester Model 70 with an OLD wood stock. In handgun another guy attending a class in southern Ohio had his "bear protection" revolver, a S&W Model 57 custom with what I think was a 3" barrel and some very stout 265gr LRN. I thought I had shot a .454 Casull or .460 SW at 1st.
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  • finnfanfinnfan Posts: 10 New Member
    My 870 20 gauge is downright painfull to shoot with 3" slug or buckshot loads. It's really no fun at all, even just a couple of rounds to show off.
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 18,363 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    JBOhios 300 RUM,

    I'll second that...uncomfortable, but not the worst.
    That would be a toss-up between a .450 Guide Gun and a very light .375 H&H Mag that gave me my very first "kiss"...6 stitches..

    Wambli's right...Vicious recoil in rifles and shotguns has much more to do with stock geometry and weight than whatever it's chambered in...
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  • ghostsniper1ghostsniper1 Posts: 2,645 Senior Member
    Doesnt seem much now that Im older, but I was "talked into" shooting my dads friends 30-06 at the bench with sandbags at age 10 or 11. That thing hurt like hell. Not sure I was really holding it correct either.
  • bruchibruchi Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    Shot a 45-70 first time last Saturday, shot a 300 magnum Sunday, still find the Mauser 98 8mm to kick more!
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  • bruchibruchi Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    calebib wrote: »
    Scandium frame S&W 357 Magnum. Fired 5 shots, never again.

    Yes, I can feel your pain, guy at the range was having a hard time with his brand new one and I being a "seasoned shooting kind of guy" went over to teach him how it is done, somehow I managed to empty the cylinder without crying like a little girl, buddy, not a weak hair in his body, had the 44 magnum scandium deal, he bled first time he shot it.
    If this post is non welcomed, I can always give you a recipe for making "tostones".
  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Posts: 2,725 Senior Member
    Many years ago, over 45 I think, the U.S. National Park Service purchased a portion of the famous Neumann Collection of Revolutionary War Weapons. In this purchase was a piece that had been carried by a South Carolina militiaman who served several years with Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox", and had been in the detatchment of Patriot Militia who fought at the Battle of Cow Pens in South Carolina. Early in the 1970's the NPS commissioned a well known maker of historic flintlocks to make exact measurements and plans of this piece, which is on display at the Natrional Museum at Valley Forge, for future use in duplicating the original if desired. The "desire" for a duplicate finally came to the forefront with the NPS 6-8 years ago, and one copy was made. This copy is now on display at the museum at the Cow Pens National Battlefield Park in South Carolina. The maker asked permission of the NPS to make another duplicate for his own collection of contemporary Early American firearms, and permission was granted. I now own that "extra" piece, made by my close friend David Dodds, whom Teach knew and who gave me the little Sports Modell Mauser that we are currently working with to determine the correct ammo. Anyhow.....

    This flintlock muzzleloader KILLS ON BOTH ENDS! Shoot it 3 times without padding your shoulder with a thick folded up pad of some type and you'll call 911 :bang: The problem has to be in the profile of the buttplate. It's 4 1/4th inches up and down by 1 3/4ths inches across. It also has a slight rake toward the muzzle, too, and I think that's where the trouble starts. I'm coming up to the Memorial Day Get-to-Gather at Teach & Mary's this year, without fail, and I'll bring it up if anybody is brave enough to try it out :whip2:
  • beartrackerbeartracker Posts: 3,116 Senior Member
    378Wby with no brake.
  • Gene LGene L Posts: 12,817 Senior Member
    Roughest thing I ever shot was a smoothbore Civil War musket. The stock desing make it horribe, plus it was very inaccurate.`
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  • gatorgator Posts: 1,746 Senior Member
    My .444 marlin is not bad standing but sux off the bench.
    However an H&R Pardner 12ga with 3" slugs was a one time thing.Even 2 3/4 bird shot out of that gun hurt.
    USMC 80-84
    -96 lbs
  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Posts: 6,116 Senior Member
    Ultra light Beretta O/U 12 gauge, with a pencil thin "recoil pad," when I was about 14 (110lbs, maybe).
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  • wizard78wizard78 Posts: 1,004 Senior Member
    I have a number of big bores like the 300WM, 340Wby, 444, 450, 45/70, 458WM, 460Wby and 458 Lott. The stoutest load I've shot is the 458 Lott with 500gr Capeshock bear claws from my Ruger #1. You don't want to shoot that one from a low bench. Not bad from the standing position.

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