5 gun range report



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    I don't know much, read anything, about pistols Big Chief but I do like the first one and the last one
    Good shooting.
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    The chicken question again, hey.
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    Range days are always great and good shooting, BC. Nice, vintage pistolas too!
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    Good shooting Chief! As I've said several times here, I'm not a big hand gun guy. I only own four and only one wheel gun, that being a Smith 586. But I have handled and shot a Model 57, a Model 29, and a Model 19. I have also handled but not shot the old S&W that shoots 45 ACP using half moon clips. The Model 29 and 57 were a real trip to shoot. The Smith Wheel gun is the king of wheel guns. I'm not jealous of you, but if I was going to be jealous of someone over a gun, you would be first in line right this minute...

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    That model 14!!!!! :love::love::love:

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