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I thought I saw my youngest....

snake284snake284 Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
... daughter on Fox News.

But it was Molly Line who is a Fox News Reporter. I saw her from the back at the protests in Boston. That's where she lives. The hair was about the same color and cut the same. Then when she turned around it still looked like her, until my eyes focused. Actually I wasn't sure until the caption read Molly Line. Then my eyes focused and it was Molly. Scared me for a minute.

I'd hate to see my daughter in with a group of those Liberals, but she does lean left politically since she went to law school there. I always thought she was fairly independent and things didn't influence her a lot. But I guess I was wrong.

She has an older sister that lives in upstate New York who is more liberal than she is. There mother is a Conservative Christian who votes Republican and believes in the 2A, and I think everybody knows where i am politically, and I didn't just evolve to where I am. I've been like I am now all of my life and all of these girl's lives. They didn't get this way from their mother or me. So where did we go wrong? What happened?
Daddy, what's an enabler?
Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.


  • waipapa13waipapa13 Posts: 962 Senior Member
    Can't say you went wrong Snake, my parents are the local equivalent of registered Democrats.

    I'm the polar opposite, whilst I love and respect my parents I think their political views are silly, (especially my dad, he's an old time Union man, the good, fair, hardworking kind, whose place on the left got destroyed by Neo-liberalism 30 years ago, but who still votes that way even though it's counter to his interests half the time)

    My point is that while our political bent probably germs from our parents views, in my opinion life experience plays a far greater role in shaping which way we skew.
  • BigslugBigslug Posts: 9,877 Senior Member
    Well. . .their dad DOES wear the Scarlet Number : ".270". They may have been shunned from the usual conservative circles for that reason, and sought social acceptance elsewhere:jester:

    You did your best, then the world had it's way with them, as it does us all. As policemen will often say of their jobs, we're not likely to find the answers in a few minutes for a situation that's taken years to ferment.

    "Nothing is safe from stupid." - Zee
  • TeachTeach Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    The relatively short time you were able to spend with your kids while trying to earn an honest living and provide them with food, shelter, and an "education" was a drop in the bucket compared to the effort that so-called education system was able to spend brainwashing them in liberalism. If you haven't read George Orwell's "1984", you've missed one of the most astute analyses of society's efforts to turn children into mindless parrots of the indoctrination they receive, virtually from birth. Old George was just a few years off with his timetable. It takes a massive amount of effort to reverse even a fraction of the misinformation and propaganda our kids are being spoon-fed on a daily basis. A very few of them will be wise enough to resist the attempts to erase the way of life us oldtimers grew up believing in, but far too many of the generations downstream from us have fallen prey to the siren song of the socialists- - - - -"Free stuff for everybody!"
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