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I took a walk today around lunch time in a part of our property that is very thick and gnarly with cedar and elm brush in and around a dry creek bottom, no one hardly ever goes back there. Because I was scouting more than hunting, I only brought my scoped .357mag. with me on my belt. The brush is so thick the animals almost always hear you coming so it is rare to actually see anything while moving through the brush.

I had been walking for a hour or more and had already jumped a hog from its day bed that I never saw, but heard. I was moving along an old trail that skirted part of the creek bottom, I stopped for a second when I thought I heard something ahead of me. At that moment about 20 yards to my left a big hog stood up from its bed under a small cedar tree. I could see him pretty well but there was a light screen of brush between us, I gambled I could thread a bullet through at such close range. Through the scope all I could see was black hair and I new he was fixing to bolt so I centered the cross hairs as best I could and sent a 180gr. hard cast on its way.

He was gone in an instant. At once I knew the shot had hit to far back, a small amount of watery blood confirmed my fear. He wasn't bleeding much but in the wet dirt it was easy to follow his tracks. I didn't have much hope of finding him but I would trail him as long as I could. It was probably a few hundred yards before he turned and reentered the creek bottom. Not much further I found were he had laid down, I got about 10 yards away from the bed when he got up from behind a tree about 30 yards in front of me. I was not ready and he made it out of the gully without a shot connecting.

Now I was ready and kept the gun in my hand as I followed the deep tracks. He didn't go very far this time, maybe 150 yards, but he did go into even thicker brush. I could hear him moving about 40 yards away as he bedded down again. I got about 30 yards away before I could make out his dark shape through the briers. I slowly crept around until I had a small opening. By this time I had used up the few 180gr. hard cast bullets I had that my gun was sighted with and all I had left were 158gr. soft points, so as long as he was moving I was going to be shooting. He was facing away so I took the only shot I had at his rear end hoping to slow him down enough for a finisher. I got two slugs in him before he moved around some more trees, I repositioned and got one low in his front chest, that finally put him down for good.

He was a tough old boar and I'm glad I could finish him. He is not the biggest I've ever taken but his tusks are equal to my previous best.






  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 18,866 Senior Member
    Congrats. :worthy:
    Sounds like a difficult hunt, which IMO makes the fact it was successful even MORE rewarding
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    That's a nice hog congrats!

    Handgun hunting is a lot of fun and that was a cool story.
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    nice work, you earned him. thick coat on him
  • jbohiojbohio Senior Member Posts: 5,508 Senior Member
    Nice hog, good story, sweet gun! Sounds like an exciting day.
  • justin10mmjustin10mm Senior Member Posts: 688 Senior Member
    Upon closer examination he was actually suffering from about a week old gun shot wound in the brisket area at the base of his neck. He was only on three legs because his right front leg appeared to have been damaged by the old wound. This explains why I was able to get so close before he stood up.

    I'm glad I put him out of his misery, from the looks of it the wound had begun to putrefy.
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,968 Senior Member
    Good hunt.
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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 7,059 Senior Member
    Effort and using a revolver make it that much more rewarding:up:

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  • HondoHondo Member Posts: 320 Member
    Nice porker.......hope i can get into one pretty soon.
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