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Spent the weekend going bang

VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior MemberPosts: 8,108 Senior Member
4 matches this weekend.
Left from work Fri at 4 and as per on the road I have to take, I again learned that my truck gets real good gas mileage at 45 freakin MPH. The 2H 15 min trip was 2:50 ish. Not bad, except I was setting up camp. Setting up camp and my partner in crime pulled in and we finished up to a beer or two.
On the line at 0730 for a Garand, Springfield, Vintage match. I shot a 277 -? (didnt write it down) with the Garand which put me in the silvers, 93 slow prone, 97 Rapid prone, and a 87 offhand. Out of the shooters there I was third.
The Springfield started out better with a 98-2 slow prone, struggled with rapid and shot a 89, bad for me and that rifle, and a 83 standing not good either, for a 270, still put me in the bronze medals.
The Krag I just found that I could see the sights with the glasses I got 2 weeks ago, so I shot it, 93 89 83, nothing to write home about, but it is old and odd so I like it.
Reade has Aussie built electronic targets. They are out standing. We ran 3 matches with 3 relays and 3 positions, and were DONE at 1430. Speed they are great, feedback is instant, no pit pulling. Bad part in rapid, it is a distraction. I think that is where I messed up in the Springfield. I looked at the first two, then the next 2, then the next two instead of just shooting the rifle.
Sun we were on the line at 0745 for a EIC. First match with the vortex scope. I like it. Target 3, relay 2. At 200 I struggled at offhand, first shot was a X and after that I just couldnt keep it high enough in the black for a 85-1x, rapid sitting I think I have a new problem to work on. First two I pulled low rt, held in the 9 high left and ended with a 93-1X. I have to be ham fisting the trigger pull. Rapid fire prone at 300 I pulled a 97-1x so I was happy with that. 600 prone got me. First round down was a X, second round down was a X....... on target 2, (Smurf I says to meself) next was a 10 then the Reade wind demon showed up. My first 10 for score ended up as a 81-1 since I dropped 10 points in the crossfire, and the next 10 were a lesson in doping wind. At one point the flags at the targets were going left, and the mid range flags were going right. It was a learning lesson and I shot a 86. I wasnt in contention for a leg point (points to get a distinguished shooters badge) but I wasnt dead last. I need to work on 200 yd stuff and holding drills this winter.
It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.


  • AntonioAntonio Senior Member Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    Nice scores in the vintage match; my favorite shooting contests are those where I can use the old warhorses. Excluding a 3-position yearly match, we shoot all prone @ 220 yards, no rest.
  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior Member Posts: 8,108 Senior Member
    The games matches are shot the same as the National Match course, just all on 200, no sitting, 30 for record instead of 50, shot on a NRA-SR (short range) target. Shooting mat and sling except when offhand, then parade sling. Parade sling is a tight sling that you cant use for support.

    If you feel bored :)

    It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.
  • AntonioAntonio Senior Member Posts: 2,986 Senior Member
    Nice...we shoot 220 yards, mat & sling with FN-1935 "Mausers" in 7.62 NATO (Mandatory Norinco ammo supplied by the Army) in the "War rifle" category and any centerfire in the "Open" category that can include Open and Scoped sub-categories; in that one I usually employ a .308 Garand, but also use other surplus rifles. For any of them the rounds fired are 23, of which your best 20 are computed for score.
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