Road rage shooting

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This happened in my area last night.
It remains to be seen what the outcome of this will be for the shooter but I felt like it was something that should be brought up as thing are rarely as cut and dry as personal defense communities try and make it seem.
Couple of things come to mind that I feel are worth discussion.
1. The shooter might have just saved his and others lives yesterday. The "victim" would have been shooting in the direction of a crowded shopping area and a bus stop.
2. I feel like the 911 call was handled very well under the circumstances.
3. The shooter almost did kill innocent bystanders.
4. The victim was a "bad guy" with a fairly long arrest record, but the shooter had no way of knowing that.
5. A person lost their life. Was the "victim" a good guy? turns out no. But the shooter is going to live with the consequences of his actions
6. When to flee and when to fight?


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    Not good hitting someone else’s vehicle, of course. Aside from that, hard to speak of much without more information of what actually happened.

    On thing I will mention which can be seen very clearly in the original post, and that is “victim” vs “suspect” identification. In a self defense situation, the shooter should be the “victim” and the person shot the “suspect.” And it is the best thing for the person defending themselves to do to try to illustrate that from the beginning. The guy who fired his weapon in this case told the dispatcher it was self defense. Go a step further and state that you were the victim of a possible deadly threat and had to defend yourself. Otherwise, you’ll be called the “shooter” or the “suspect.” And that creates a perception that you are the one who did something wrong. If I have to defend myself, I want to be the victim from the beginning. The one who I shot is the suspect.
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    Bullets flying because they "looked at each other"!!!!! Damn! :uhm:
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    Clean and I pulled up the ramp on the freeway last week into a road rage incident; fortunately no shooting.

    As we got on the highway, a car went by us about 90 and pulled in front of the car in the left lane and slammed on the brakes.
    Fortunately no cars collided or we and a couple of other cars might have been in the pile up.

    we went by and they came past us again and took the exit for the bridge across the river.
    I have a need for speed
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