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I’m trying to get into the market of selling used firearms in my shop, as that seems to be what my demographic wants most. I have a competitor down the street that’s constantly getting in shipments of used firearms and he does well at getting rid of them quickly. Needless to say he isn’t going to spill the beans on his supplier. I’ve scoured the internet on wholesalers but can’t find one that specializes in used guns. I have three wholesalers, one of which sells used guns (mostly LE trade ins) but nothing even remotely close to what the guy down the street gets and is able to sell for. I’m just wondering if anyone here has any leads. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    J&G Sales
    AIM Surplus

    That's all I've got
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    Go around to the local LEO sealed bid auctions for seized/confiscated guns used in crimes, in your state.
    The FFL dealer I use gets a batch about every 2 to 3 months and also the surplus county/city/town sales.
    Most times you bid on the lot, not individual pieces and only to dealers.
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    Thanks fellas. I’ve already got interstate, RSR and Ellet Brothers as wholesalers. Interstate does have some used guns, but not much. I think I’m going to contact mge tomorrow and see what they offer. The LEO auctions aren’t a bad idea either.
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    What Wizard78 said about LE auctions is good info. Depending on the county you live in, and surrounding counties, you can get some good firearms at reasonable prices in those auction lots.
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