Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm +2 MagGuts™

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I just ordered one of these: I will be testing it on an 8 round extended magazine. It will up the capacity to 10 rounds and if my measurements are correct, it will still fit in my Sneaky Pete holster. If it works as advertised I will be ordering 2 more. I will update here with results for those interested.


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    I'm interested to hear your input. They have my attention

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    I too am intrigued.
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    That's pretty cool and if they made it for the .40 I would buy it in a heartbeat.
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    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 8,948 Senior Member
    Awaiting your range report
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  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 1,347 Senior Member
    Ok, time for the first report. I ordered it Tuesday and it arrived today via USPS Priority Mail so shipping was good. I just looked at the return address and saw why it arrived so quickly.....they are only about a 3 hour drive away from me. Packaging was simple:


    Easy to follow instructions were included:


    The conversion process was actually pretty simple, even for someone like me who had never disassembled a magazine before. Here is a post conversion side by side comparison with an unconverted 8 round magazine. Mag on the right has 8 rounds and the mag on the left has 10.


    My Sneaky Pete holster with my Shield in it with 10+1.





    My Shield with 10+1


    My wife's Shield with 8+1 sitting on top of my Shield with 10+1 for comparison:


    Now some observations:
    1. Instructions have the following disclaimer: "When loading to capacity for the first time it may feel tight until everything 'sets' in place. This only happens during the first load to capacity after conversion installation." I found this statement to be absolutely correct. The 10th round was tight going in, but no more so than the 8th round was pre-conversion. After the first load to capacity I found it to be easier to load than pre-conversion.
    2. Getting a fully loaded 10 round magazine to lock into place with one round in the chamber takes quite a bit of effort and concentration. With a live round in the chamber you have got to be aware of where the muzzle is pointed and where all your fingers are. Whether this will improve with time and use remains to be seen. This made me wonder if a tactical re-load was feasible. Quick experimentation reassured me that with the chamber empty and the slide locked back inserting a loaded 10 round magazine is just as easy as an 8 round magazine.
    3. The extra length of the magazine does not seem to have an appreciable effect on concealabilty and in fact gives my pinky finger better purchase.

    Overall my initial impression is favorable, but the real test is going to be when I can get out to the range with it and see how it feeds with both FMJ and Hollow Points.....Stay tuned.
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 8,948 Senior Member
    Thanks for the info
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 1,347 Senior Member
    Ok, range report time. I went through a total of 6 full magazine loads. The first one was just like I intend to carry, 10 in the magazine +1 in the pipe. Ammo was Remington Golden Saber 147 grain High Performance Jacket Hollow Point. Fired all 11 rounds with no feeding problems, but the slide did not lock back after the last round. The next magazine was a combination of 3 of the Golden Sabers mixed in with 7 Monarch steel case 115 grain FMJ. Fired all 10 rounds with no feeding problems, but the slide did not lock back after the last round. That time I was careful to make sure I was not limp-wristing it. I reloaded with another 10 rounds of the Monarch FMJ and fired them off, again with no feeding problems....still no slide lock. At this point I was starting to lose hope because it is difficult to seat a full magazine with this conversion if the slide is closed. Tactical reloads would be a problem. It was looking like I was not going to be ordering any more of these kits, but decided to try another 10 rounds. Again all 10 rounds with no feeding problems....but this time the slide locked back after the 10th round. I loaded another 10 rounds and tried again. Again no feeding problems and got a slide lock on empty. Went for the 6th and final load-out.....every round fed smoothly and achieved slide lock on empty. It looks like it just needed a little bit of break-in. The first three magazines did not achieve slide lock but the last three did. All 60 rounds fed flawlessly. I will be ordering more of these conversion kits to upgrade all of my magazines. My only complaint is how hard you have to push a fully loaded magazine to get it to lock into place, but even that seemed to get slightly easier after 60 rounds had been run through it.
  • Great OutdoorsGreat Outdoors Member Posts: 230 Member
    Obviously it is feeding fine but you had a 50% failure rate with slide lock- something I have never experienced with my shield, I don't know about yours.
    If mine, I would run quite a few more slide lock tests before I proceeded- you don't need full mags to test it, just 2 rounds each time.
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 1,347 Senior Member
    I will be shooting it much more, as will my wife when we shoot action pistol, so there will be plenty of testing. I would have shot more yesterday had I not used up all the ammo I had with me. I did see a very clear pattern - the first 3 failed to achieve slide lock and the last 3 achieved slide lock. I believe it just needed some break-in time. If I have any more slide lock failures I will update this thread.
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    Just as a study of human psychology, if you had Doctor Who's TARDIS mounted inside the magazine well, which gave you a capacity of 6,905,300,702 rounds, and I came up with an extended spatial distorter that upped that capacity to 6,905,300,704 rounds with a half-inch grip increase, how many people would I be able to sell them to? More than a couple, I'd wager. . .

    Turning small guns into big guns, rather than just buying the big gun in the first place. Sorry - it's lost on me. And what's so magical about matching round count to the number of fingers we have?

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  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 1,347 Senior Member
    Bigslug wrote: »
    Turning small guns into big guns, rather than just buying the big gun in the first place. Sorry - it's lost on me. And what's so magical about matching round count to the number of fingers we have?

    Looks like you missed the point. I have a double stack full size as well, but in many situations cannot carry it because of its size. I am not supposed to carry at work, if I were caught I could lose my job. I can conceal a Shield well enough that nobody will know. Full size.....not so much. The down side of the smaller gun is less capacity. If I can increase the capacity while making virtually no change to the guns ability to be concealed, that is a win in my book. If I get in a situation where things go South I would much rather have more rounds than I need than come up one short. Anything I can do to stack the deck in my favor I will do.
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