Parkland high school resource officer



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    Maybe. I know a few resource officers who like the duty: few nights and weekends (only when something's at the school), dealing with fewer felons and drunks, less time sitting in a car and more walking around.

    Especially if it is school & BCSO policy to overlook the felonies that once made Broward County the leader in the state for sending students to juvie.

    Published: 10 NOV 2013

    Published: 1 AUG 2017

    "Take Broward County, the Florida county that used to rank No. 1 at sending students to their state’s juvenile justice system."

    "The stats troubled Broward County leaders, and they responded with a bold solution: Lower arrests by not making arrests."

    I was wondering why the anti-2A shrieking was just so pronounced this time around. I couldn't put my finger on it. Perhaps it was my proximity to the tragedy. The more these Gov't failures began to pile up the more it all made sense. This is ALL the result of progressive governance, and since their favorite tactic when faced with a gross failure of one of their own making is to lay the fault at the feet of a civil liberty.
    bullsi1911 wrote: »
    This is what happens when you rely on a faceless "Them" to protect you:

    Broward County School board decided to stop policing their students to avoid leading the state in student-arrests. State and Federal funds increase as a result of keeping criminals in school.
    FBI- Completely fumbles a credible threat.
    Local LEOs- 30-something calls that involved the shooter including domestic abuse that is a prohibiting factor for buying a gun
    Local DA- Did they prosecute him if he was ever arrested for the above? Dunno, not seen any reporting on this
    SRO- Hid and set up a 'one man perimeter' instead of doing his ONE DAMN JOB to protect the kids. But you, know... 'officer safety' is paramount.

    ...and kids died. All of them waiting for the Govt to come and protect them. YOU are your own first responder. Because the Police and the Govt are not there to protect you. Read up on the supreme court case on that.

    The list keeps growing....
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    The school where I taught for close to 30 years had two SRO's on duty- - - -to cover a building that has 10 acres under the roof on two floors. The campus was another 50 acres or so. Getting from one end of the building to another took a good 5 minutes at a dead run. Most of the guys who had that duty were very dedicated to doing their jobs, but I've seen a couple of incidents where they were completely overwhelmed. Try dealing with two rival gangs who bring a weekend beef to school and have a riot in the cafeteria- - - -one that involves 200-some kids! The food fight scene in "Animal House" comes to mind, except kids were pounding away at each other with chairs and using fiberglass lunch trays as weapons. That one ended up with around 30 arrests. Fortunately, no guns were involved, and only a few knives and blunt instruments.
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    security officers making $15-25/hr to break up school fights and check for drugs.

    Point of order Alpha....this guy was not a "security officer" or a rent-a-cop...he is a sworn law enforcement officer...a sheriffs deputy......I sincerely hope the faces of those 17 people haunt his dreams for the rest of his miserable life.....

    And as far as the shooter being a "suicidal teen". Yeahhhh...not so much....when he was done shooting he dumped his weapon and tried to blend in with the a cup of coffee I don't think dying was on his agenda....
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