Federal Gun Violence Restraining Order

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Two extreme Leftist’s of both parties are collaborating and so exuberant about violating their oaths of office along with the Constitution.

Federal Gun Violence Restraining Order – The Most Dangerous Gun Control Bill in the History of the United States

“Two senators — one Republican and one Democrat who, as one of them said, disagree about “90% of the time” on gun policies — teamed up Thursday to introduce the latest proposal to address mass shootings,” cnn.com reports, “a bill that would allow federal courts to issue gun restraining orders against potentially dangerous people.” Holy **** . . .

"Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut unveiled the “Federal Extreme Risk Protection Act,” which is modeled after existing laws in multiple states that attempt to intervene and disarm people who exhibit warning signs of violent behavior."

“If this becomes law, every state will have an opportunity to go to a federal judge or magistrate and inform them that this person is about to blow,” Graham said."


  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 1,718 Senior Member
    I wonder if we'll have to ware a letter A sewn to our garments or submit ourselves to burning at the stake?

    The good folks that are adjudicated as righteous could ware arm bands to be easily identified.

    I wonder if family members of those so fingered will be excommunicated?👀👂
  • Elk creekElk creek Senior Member Posts: 5,425 Senior Member
    I seem to remember a line about “all enemies foreign or domestic”.........
    Aim higher, or get a bigger gun.
  • sgtrock21sgtrock21 Senior Member Posts: 1,420 Senior Member

    Regarding restraining orders here is a current local news article.


    The victim applied for and was granted a county district court protective order. The order was not served because the respondent could not be located. My problem with the media is the insinuation that a person possessing the determination to murder the victim and kill themselves would have obeyed the protective order had it been served. Really!!! If the firearm used had been recently purchased legally that definitely would have been reported because the restraining order would have likely prohibited the killer from purchasing or possessing firearms and ammunition. Laws and pieces of paper are very unlikely to stop a determined murder suicide or a mass murderer/school shooter. 

  • shootbrownelkshootbrownelk Senior Member Posts: 2,000 Senior Member
    Graham is a RINO and should change his party affiliation to Democrat.
  • Squawk BoxSquawk Box New Member Posts: 49 Member
    That is very dangerous thinking, and it is the typical political hash that ends up as "sensible gun laws".
    President Clinton and his posse of morons, cooked up The Violence Against Women Act, and it is still in force.

    And this Federal Restraining Order sounds like a nightmare. How many wounds can a free country take?
    You can bet that the Democrats are willing to inflict every wound that they can; it is death by a thousand cuts.
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