Concealed Carry Laws Reference App or Website?

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is there a website or app (sorry Zorba, I'm 100% team smartphone) that provides a reference for the concealed carry laws of various states? Info such as which permits are recognized, nuances to the local laws, where the CHL is and isn't valid, etc would be awesome. Bonus if it also talked knife laws and other weapons. 

Obviously the best resource is looking up the actual laws, but some reference site would be awesome. 
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    Click on a state and the map it gives you links to various state sites concerning it's laws.
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    I have a need for speed
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    You will have to copy and past in in your browser, it is the best site I have seen,
    It does give links to states and recommends verifying 
    I have a need for speed
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    There’s a mobile app, LegalHeat, that I have on my iphone and ipad.  Seems to be pretty thorough and kept current, rated 4.1/5 in the App Store.
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