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I've been wanting to build up a parade bike to ride on Patriot Guard escort missions, and one sort of fell into my lap today.  The Harley dealer next door to the new Larry's Pistol and Pawn store near the Huntsville airport had a "mechanic's special" stashed away back in the shop, a 20 year old high mileage Harley FXST in pretty good overall shape.  It fired right up and ran well, looked pretty good, and was in my toy fund price range.  After a little hard bargaining, it's going to follow me home in the morning.  Apparently, Harley riders in the Huntsville area are such a bunch of snobs they don't want to have anything to do with a bike they don't have to take a second mortgage on the house to pay for!  Their loss!



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    Check the tires...

    Just sayin'

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    Teach said:

    " it's going to follow me home in the morning. "



    As in, on a trailer?  Sounds about right for a Harley! 😉

    Kidding, of course... sounds like a pretty good score! 
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    Pics... or it didn't happen. By the way, what's "High Milage?" Before or after you go deaf?

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    Looking forward to the pics!  
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    Tell the snobs to stuff it !
    My Harley is a 1982 FXR & I love it & yes I bought it new !
    I have done a few escorts when the idiots were protesting at the cemetery. The last one I made it to we had 100 bikes .......& yes the people got out of the way. Sad world that that needs to be done when people are already grieving a loss .
    Happier note .......congrats on the bike & ride until you drop !

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    I rode in CSM Basil Plumley's funeral escort at Ft. Benning.  It's a little over a mile from the chapel to the cemetery, and bikes were still getting line two abreast when the hearse arrived at the gravesite.  Sam Elliot sat with his family at the visitation the night before, and at the funeral the next day.  Mel Gibson showed up at the visitation for about 5 minutes and then hustled away! 


    Hide and wail in terror, Eloi- - - -We Morlocks are on the hunt!
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    I never realized how much it means to family until last year at my moms funeral .
    We had Sheriff ,Police ,& State escort & honor guards. It meant a lot to my dad brother & myself.

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    I have rode in a lot of honor guards, we always had a mix of bikes, granted most were H-D but no one really cared what ya rode, nor should they, its about those that passed, not you.

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    That's still the EVO engine, very nice!! Mine's only 32 years old and runs great, to bad I don't ride it more!
    I don't like the newer Harley's, don't have the same personality of the older ones. They took out all the shake and noise and turned them into Honda's!!
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    Some people gotta touch the hot stove twice to learn the lesson...

    Seriously, congrats on the new ride.
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    Congratulations, I think. What was Miss Mary's comment on the new purchase?
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    That's a nice bike. Get it fixed up and have a good one for those Patriot Guard rides!
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    The soft tails are great looking bikes.  Need pictures. I like bikes clean, without all the bags and fairings.
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